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What are the best shoes for squats and deadlifts? Well, it depends.

Having the right training shoe can definitely make a difference to your comfort, strength and efficiency when you are undertaking squats and deadlifts at the gym.

A recent trend, though, has many lifters adopting a ‘monkey see’ attitude towards footwear. This isn’t ideal if you’re looking to increase your own individual performance.

March 26, 2019 by Iron Tanks

Why should you use a powerlifting or bodybuilding belt for training?

Within these collections, powerlifting and bodybuilding belts (commonly called weightlifting belts) have become crowd-favourites. Offering supportive benefits across the board, there’s plenty to love about these accessories.

But do they work and what are the advantages you can expect to gain from using them?

March 26, 2019 by Iron Tanks

High-quality activewear: why this trend is more than a fashion statement

Activewear garments are more than just aesthetic appearances, and when choosing the right high-quality gear for your goals, you’ll sooner hit those PBs that you’ve had your eyes set on.

So, what exactly can activewear do to improve your performance?

February 28, 2019 by Iron Tanks

Do exercise belts work?

Exercise belts allow them to push harder and better their performance, physiques or numbers on the platform. Depending what you are looking to do will determine which belt suits you best.
February 28, 2019 by Iron Tanks

IPF Approved Powerlifting Belts, Wraps, Sleeves & Singlet at Iron Tanks Gym Gear

To all our loyal supporters - it is with great pride that we announce some new additions to our range of International Powerlifting Federation approved gear.

The decision to add more products to the IPF approved list was to support lifters around the globe, and to allow them to use our premium gear up on stage in competitions.

You can view the entire range of IPF Approved Gear right here, or take a look below for a breakdown of each product.

IPF Approved Powerlifting Lever Belts and Lever Buckles

IPF Approved Powerlifting Lever Belt

Our Lever Belts and buckles have been an iconic part of our collection for many years. They've also been approved for some time now - so this product isn't new on the IPF list.

However, we have added many new models in varying finishes and colours.

Our powerlifting lever belts are renown for the their toughness, build quality and durability. We only use the most premium materials during construction.

The leather selected allows for maximum support and IAP (intra abdominal pressure) under load, while facilliatating a shorter break in period for the belt to sculpt to your body.

If you haven't yet: check out our incredible collection of lever belts. They will not disappoint!


IPF Approved Single Prong (Pioneer Cut) Weightlifting Belts

IPF Approved Single Prong Pioneer Cut

Legacy Single Prong Powerlifting Belt

New to the IPF list is our Single Prong range which is available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses. Our single prongs are built notoriously tough - featuring premium leathers and a prong buckle constructed from superior alloys to stand the test of time.

The Hellraiser Single Prong also features a patented 'Pioneer' cut that allows for 0.5" (1.27cm) fine tune adjust-ability. Check them out, you will instantly see why all other belts fall short.


IPF Approved Wrist Wraps

It is true - there are some of you that have been hounding at us for years to get our wrist wraps approved. Finally, we can say your dreams have come true. Our Ironclad Wrist Wrap range has now been added to the IPF approved list. We are also increasing the range of lengths available, including 12", 18", 24", 30", 36" and the maximum legal limit of 40".

What makes these wraps great? A lot. We've used the toughest cotton-elastane matrix to give the utmost ironclad-like support, while simultaneously not completely impeding comfort.

We use opposable thumb loops for easy application, and the quality, positioning and length of the velcro landing has been tailored to allow for taut applications. You'll see why these wraps are a powerlifters favourite!

PS. Stay tuned for a new lethal black colour range!


IPF Approved Knee Sleeves

IPF Approved Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

We can say with great satisfaction that our 7mm Iron Sleeves have been given the IPF tick of approval.

This has been a long time coming. We knew a few years back that we would add these to the IPF list, simply based on customer feedback. We have been told many a time that these sleeves are the best on the market. Don't take our word for it, check out the reviews and give them a go yourself!

What makes these great? Well, we use a medical grade proprietary neoprene that is superior to anything else. It offers cast like support around the joint, while simultaneously being comfortable to wear during training.

We've eliminated rear seams from the sleeve - many companies put seams at the back of their sleeves. We found this to be irritable, and we've removed them from the back to keep bunching to a minimum and allow for maximum support and comfort.

We've also created the perfect shape and dimensional attributes for a shrink wrap like fit. The sleeve is 30cm in length, the full IPF legal length.


IPF Approved Powerlifting Singlet (Soft Suit)

We're excited to show you our new IPF approved Powerlifting Singlets / Soft Suits. We've worked the better part of a year refining, hand selecting fabrics and constructing this garment to be the perfect fit. We've really fused function and comfort with this one. More details to come - we are expecting to launch these by January 2019.

In closing: we love all things lifting - whether that is bodybuilding, powerlifting or strongman training, so we will continue to provide cutting edge and lifting gear that is simply unmatched in quality.

We can't articulate just how grateful we are to be in a position where we get to do what we love day in day out - creating, pioneering, refining - and to be supported by lifters around the globe.

So from all of us at Iron Tanks HQ - we thank you!

November 14, 2018 by Iron Tanks
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Benefits of Wearing the Performance Enhancing Workout Gear

Activewear has not only become a wardrobe essential for gym junkies but has become a staple for the fashion-conscious.

With so many styles, options and brands to choose from today, it can easily become overwhelming to try and choose from the right workout gear that will actually enhance your workout and the items that will slow down your routine.

Although there are some that may argue that you can achieve the same results in the gym with an old t-shirt and shorts, these items may not be the best option to enhance your workout and help you reach your maximum potential.

Gym Wear

Here are the top benefits of wearing the right workout gear, in and out of the gym:

Comfort and a complete range of motion:

Ensuring that the activewear that you wear while working out is the right fit will not only prevent painful chafing and skin irritations but will also not restrict your range of movement.

Wearing loose clothing to the gym will not only not help you look and feel your best while sculpting your body, but these loose items can easily get caught in the equipment becoming a serious hazard.

On the other hand, clothing that is too tight can cut off blood flow and restrict your range of movement, not allowing you to make the most of your time at the gym.

When looking for the right workout gear, choose items that are expandable, such as Lycra as they allow for a large range of motion whilst still remaining comfortable, no matter your choice of activity, whether it be running, yoga or working on your physique with a heavy lifting session.  

If you are after workout leggings that fit better than a glove, allows for a full range of motion and makes you feel like you look your best, then the Climaxx Leggings in Insidious Black from Iron Tanks are the activewear leggings that will instantly become a favourite in your collection.

These leggings not only flawlessly flaunt your figure, but they enhance your performance at the gym.

They feature performance compression technology, are made from a specialised moisture-wicking fabric but and offer super circulations for a speedy recovery, all while not compromising on fashion making you workout ready!

Moisture-wicking abilities:

When you’re working hard at the gym, that last thing you want to wear is an old cotton tee that absorbs all of the moisture from your body, leaving you feeling wet with a top that is heavy and clings to all of the wrong places.

You want to choose items of clothing that have moisture wicking properties. This is when the material draws the moisture away from the body, moving it to the outside of the fabric, leaving you cool, dry and able to focus solely on how many reps you can lift and pushing your body to new limits.

Not only that, but workout items that have moisture wicking abilities will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter - you can get the best of both worlds!

Firm support:

Workout gear that offers the right support, especially for the ladies who are dedicated to pushing their bodies to new limits, is crucial for those high-intensity exercises.

Finding a sports bra that offers great support can help you to improve your form and reduce back pain caused by chest bounces.

If you are looking for the best sports bra that offers unmatched support and style, then Iron Tanks have you covered.

Support for your body starts with your bra! Even the most low-impact training sessions can become extremely painful and uncomfortable if you are not wearing a bra that offers the right support.

The Climax Sports Bra from Iron Tanks has compression technology, moisture-wicking properties, increases blood flow and is extremely durable to last through even the most gruelling cardio sessions.

The front zipper design of this sports bar makes it simple to take on and off and the form-fitting, sexy design is made to enhance your womanly curves.

Visibility and safety:

Being able to be seen is especially important if your workouts happen outside of the gym and you start your session before the sunrise, at night, or along dim lit routes

Ensure your safety by wearing items of workout clothing that is bright and has reflective properties and to be considerate of the safety of other road users.

Remember, it is critical that you are seen the next time you go for a bike ride at twilight.

Improves blood circulation and improves post-recovery:

When you're working hard at the gym and burning off those calories, your blood works hard to pump oxygen to your muscles, creating a buildup of lactic acid. This is one of the main causes of pain, fatigue and cramping during a workout.

However, due to the creation of innovative fabrics that have been expertly engineered, compression technology materials enhance your performance at the gym with superior circulation and speedy recovery times due to the reduction of lactic acid build up.

It has been scientifically proven that compression workout items will assist in improving performance and muscle recovery. This not only provides your muscles and joints with an extra layer of support, but they can reduce the number of micro tears to muscles and may even prevent injuries that are correlated with sudden movements that happen during exercise.

There are two main types of compression abilities that these items can provide. Graduated compression items are tighter on your limbs to aid in increasing blood flow back to the core of your body while you work out.

Compartmental compression is items that are the only tiger in certain areas of the body and these items are usually better suited for specific activities, such as cycling.

Prevent injury:

Choosing items of workout gear that are suited to the type of activity or workout that you are performing is extremely important to give your body the best chance to look after itself and prevents you from incurring serious injury.

Workout gear isn't only reserved for an item of clothing, but your feet deserve the same amount of attention and care. Wearing shoes that are not appropriate for your choice of activity or shoes that don't have the right fit can cause painful blisters and even cause sprains and cramps.

For the bodybuilding junkie that wants to take his training to the next level and push his body to lift heavier weights, Iron Tanks introduce the Orion V4 Gym Shoe. This gym shoe features a high top and is made of the best quality suede leather.


It also features a specialised ‘Oxford Titanium Mesh’ that allows for greater breathability. This shoe is ideal for exercises that require a flat sole, such as squats, deadlifts and leg presses. The flat and incompressible 3.8mm outer sole allows for maximum surface contact and stability to improve the performance of your workouts.


Having a workout wardrobe full of items that not only look great but won't break the bank isn't an impossible feat.

The entire range of workout and bodybuilding clothing and accessory items from Iron Tanks made from only the highest quality and best performance enhancing fabrics and all come with a money back guarantee so you can purchase with peace of mind.


Protection from the elements:

For those that love to exercise outdoors, it is important to wear workout gear that can protect you from the elements.

Layering up on your items when working out outside is especially important on cold mornings, and being able to keep your body warm during a workout is essential to help you gain optimum results.

Pulling a muscle or causing strain on your body is easy when you haven't kept your body and muscles warm prior to a workout. One small injury can lead to other, more threatening injuries and can prevent you from working out harder at the gym the next day.  

The range of jumpers and hoodies from Iron Tanks have options in both traditional designs and sleeveless options that have not only been designed to be aesthetically pleasing but are extremely comfortable and still allow for a full range of motion.

With items that can protect your body from the sun, that prevents the harsh cold wind from passing through and keeps water off your body, you are able to focus on your workout and reaching new limits.

Wearing the right workout items can not only make you look and feel your best, but they can enhance your workout to inspire you to work harder and achieve the best results at the end of your workout session.

November 09, 2017 by Afterpay Integrations

Gym Wear Gifts For Him and Her | Iron Tanks

Gym Wear

The easiest way to buy a gift for a friend or loved one is to consider their hobbies. If your special someone loves to break a sweat and pump some iron at the gym, then they almost certainly have a list full of gym gear that will make their workouts more productive, fun, and stylish!

For Him:

A basic for any man who loves going to the gym is a durable and physique flattering tank top! The series of Stringer Tanks should be a permanent item in any guys gym wardrobe. This extremely soft and premium cotton blend tank is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect no matter the type of workout. This tank comes in a range of colourways such as Urban Camo and the Twin Stringer Tank, so no matter your man's style, there is a design to suite their preference.

Brought back by popular demand, the Iron Mesh Singlet is made from a super soft cotton fabric with heavy polyester side panels that is ideal for any training situation for any man, whether he is pumping weights or going for a long performance enhancing run.

For the man that prefer a classic bodybuilder cut to their tank tops, the N1 Classic T-Back V1 is a figure flattering tank that is loved by bodybuilders around the world. This tank has an extremely flattering and athletic design for a stylish contoured look.

If the man in your life wants a versatile fitness item that can easily be transitioned from the gym to the street, then the Stealth Puffer Vest is an ideal gift. This vest is extremely comfortable and provides an added insulated layer when getting to and from the gym, while the sleeveless design still allows him to move around freely.

For the man that really wants to take his training the the next level, Iron Tanks introduce the Orion V4 Gym Shoe. This hightop gym shoe is made from high quality suede leather and features a new super strength ‘Oxford Titanium Mesh’ that increases the breathability of the shoe. This shoe is ideal for exercises that require a flat sole, such as squats, deadlifts and leg presses. The flat and incompressible 3.8mm outer sole allows for maximum surface contact and stability to improve the performance of their workouts.

For Her:

Every woman needs a basic, breathable and flattering tank top of the gym. The Outlaw Mesh Tank is guaranteed to make your special lady stand out from the rest and feel confident. This top has a narrow design that is figure flattering and convex scooped hem that flatters almost any sports bra they pair it with. It is made from a super breathable fabric, a specially designed PC mesh fabric, that is lightweight and won't weigh her down when she's working hard to meet her fitness goals.

The perfect accompaniment for any gym wardrobe is the super sexy and flattering Womens Crop Hoodie. This cropped hoodie is made from a high quality fleece fabric that will keep her warm in the winter months while the stylish crop design still allows her to show off her figure in the most flattering way that she’ll be sure to thank you for.

For the woman who loves to pump some iron, there is the Womens Pink Gym Gloves that has a dual leather construction to ensure durability. The elastane mesh back makes the glove lightweight and breathable to avoid the hands from getting sweaty, and has a reinforced thumb, double leather palm, and fingers that is backed with foam to protect the hands from calluses.

If your woman is in need of some new weightlifting shoes, then the Women's Orion V4 Gym Shoe will have her jumping for joy. This weightlifting shoe is constructed from a high quality suede leather and features a new super strength ‘Oxford Titanium Mesh’ that keeps the shoe breathable yet lightweight. The stylish high top shoe perfectly combines function and aesthetic to take her training to the next level as it is perfect for workouts that require a flat sole, such as squats, deadlifts and leg presses.

When picking the perfect gift for your loved one, don't settle for anything but the best from Iron Tanks!


Gym Wear Essentials for Any Fitness Junkie | Iron Tanks

gym wear

Whether you have just finished pumping iron at the gym or you are getting ready to revamp your workout wardrobe, investing in high quality gear for your workouts can make a big difference to your routine and your confidence.

It all starts with the bag! It may be time to ditch your oversized purse or workbag for the Pro Gym Bag. This premium signature gym bag from Iron Tanks is made from an extremely heavy duty tarpaulin making it the toughest bag on the planet. This spacious bag has 2 side compartments,  1 front compartment and 1 main middle compartment making it big enough to hold all of your gym essentials, including all of your supplements. It features a super reinforced zipper that is durable and is versatile enough to be worn over the shoulder or via the carry handle. This gym bag has been designed so that you will never have to purchase another bag for the entirety of your lifting life!

If you are looking to change your wardrobe by adding a staple pair of shorts that can be worn to the gym as well as out and about, then the BFG Cotton Gym Shorts are for you. These shorts are made in a relaxed fit to offer zero constriction, giving you complete freedom when working out.

Another basic gym essential to add to any fitness junkies wardrobe is a versatile pair of gym pants. The Orion Gym Pants and the Women's Orion Gym Pant not only look great, but feel amazing. These pants are not only warm and comfortable, but because of the specially blended luxe cotton fabric, they are extremely breathable and non restricting. These pants are sure to work with high top gym shoes so you can continue to look stylish and fresh.

During the winter months, a gym hoodie is a complete necessity to get you to and from the gym in warmth. The Iron Pullover Hoodie for the ladies, and the Hulk Fleece Pullover Hoodie V2 for the guys, are the perfect winter gym essentials.

The Iron Pullover has a slim fit to enhance the shape of your womanly figure while the Hulk Fleece has a relaxed fit to increase movement. Both of these hoodies are made from a special blend of cotton fleece to keep you warm whilst still allowing for optimum breathability.

Adding a muscle tank to your collection is a must if you are wanting to lift weights and see your progress as you go! The Iron Muscle Tank that has an athletic design that is durable while promoting comfort and flaunts your physique during your training session. Pair this tank with the Men's Icon Gym Glove to enhance your workout. These gloves are made from a premium ‘Icon’ leather with a spandex back to allow for ventilation to reduce sweaty hands that can affect your grip.

For the active woman, a supporting sports bra is a priceless necessity. The Coral Sports Bra from Iron Tanks combines fashion, style and performance all in one. This sports bra features an X-Strap design that not only looks flattering, but allows for a full range of motion to enhance the performance of your workout.  The fit is extremely supportive and includes removable padded cups for your convenience. This item is built for longevity and is fade resistant so you can be sure that you are receiving a high quality garment for any high intensity workout.

Combine the Coral Sports Bra with a pair of Climaxx Leggings to flawlessly merge style and function. These leggings have a special compression technology that enhance your performance while boosting blood circulation to speed up your recovery process. Embellished with a pleated design and and mesh panels, these leggings dazzle, inspire and perform.

Is There Really A Benefit To Workout Clothing? | Iron Tanks


Iron Tanks - Is There Really A Benefit To Workout Clothing?

When you are choosing clothing that you are going to wear to the gym, you may think that buying specialised activewear is just a waste of money. In reality, choosing the right gym gear for your type of workout can actually boost the efficiency of your workout, make you feel great and can motivate you to go to the gym more often.

Choosing the right fabric type matters:

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on workout gear, but it is important to invest in a few key items that can enhance your workout and keep you cool and dry.

There are specially designed fabrics that have technological advancements, such as moisture wicking technology, meaning that the fabric draws the moisture away from your body and moves it to the outside of the fabric. This can dramatically reducing chafing and can even prevent infections from forming on your skin.

When choosing the right moisture wicking and breathable activewear items, items that are made from polyester, lycra or polypropylene blends work best. These fabrics give you a full range of movement so you can complete your workout in ease without being restricted.

Clothing that adds support:

There are certain fitness wear items that give you additional support during your workout whilst still remaining comfortable.

Choosing the right sports bra is essential for many women. Even though many workout tank tops have a built in support, for those with a larger chest, having a dedicated workout bra that has shock absorption and is comfortable can revolutionise your workout.

If you are a regular patron of a spin class, then choosing cycling shorts that have an inbuilt padded rear can make those long and intense classes more comfortable.

Choose comfort over style:

Finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult at times, so finding fitness gear that is comfortable can make the process a whole lot easier.

When you are choosing your active wear, it is sometimes necessary to go up a size as most fitness gear items run a little small in sizing as they often have compression panels built into the clothing.

When trying on your new items, try out a few signature moves in the change room to ensure that your body has a full range of movement and it included any added features that can make your workout easier, such as specialized pockets that securely fit your music player.

Safety first:

Some exercise clothing is specifically made for safety. There are activewear items that have reflective tape incorporated into the clothing so that cars can see you when exercising in the dark and pants that are specifically made for cycling so that it does not get tangled up in the chain and prevents injuries.

Choose the workout gear that is best suited to your workout of choice to ensure your safety and prevent any accidents that could leave you on crutches for months at time.

Summary: Choosing the right fabric type matters:, Clothing that adds support:, Choose comfort over style:, Safety first:

September 28, 2017 by Afterpay Integrations

Gym Gear Do's and Dont's | Iron Tanks

Choosing the right gym gear and workout clothing is much more important that you may realise. It is a common misconception that it does not matter what you wear to the gym because you are just going to sweat and throw it in the wash as soon as you get home, but the right activewear can actually improve your performance and make a workout more enjoyable.

Here are the Do’s and Dont’s of activewear: the most common mistakes that are made when choosing fitness gear and how to improve them.

Tank Tops:

Don’t: Wear a top that is too small for you:

Wearing an extremely small top to the gym is not appealing to anyone, and unless you are wearing them as a base underneath a t-shirt to add an extra layer of warmth. Wearing a tight top can also hinder your workout performance as wearing an item that is constricting can stop you from having a full range of motion.

Do: Wear a sleeveless shell shirt:

Wearing a sleeveless shell shirt to the gym can not only subtly show off your hard work, but it can allow for complete workout freedom without being too baggy and obstructing you from movement.

Gym Shorts:

Don’t: Wear your bathing suite to the gym:
Unless you are using the gym pool to keep fit, do not wear your swimmers to the gym. Most people seem to believe that wearing a bathing suite to the gym will have the same moisture wicking properties as other activewear. In reality, the material of a bathing suite can cause chafing, increase odour and it does not provide the same support as gym shorts.

Do: Buy activewear shorts:

Buying a pair of basic gym shorts can really be used to enhance your workout. They can provide a full range of support, allow for a wide range of movement and have moisture wicking properties to reduce the possibility of chafing. Most gym shorts now also include specially designed ventilation zones that keep you cool and dry!  

Finding the right fit:

Don’t: Wear activewear that is too loose:

There is often a misconception that wearing baggy clothes to the gym is more comfortable and is the best way to hide your stomach. Baggy clothing can actually obstruct your movements in the gym so you are not making the most out of your time at the gym and even get caught on complicated gym equipment, leading to injuries.

Do: Wear fitted gym attire:
Choosing activewear that conforms to your body, allows for a full range of motion, follows the lines of your body and is appropriate for the type of exercise that you partake in most often can change the way you workout.

Selecting items such as tapered bottoms can reduce your chance of tripping and injuring yourself.

Choosing the right fabric:
Don’t: Wear items that are made from heavy materials:
Wearing an item of clothing at the gym that is made from heavy materials, such as cotton, can hinder your workout. Fabrics such as cotton retain a lot of moisture and do not dry quickly meaning that they can not only smell, but can weigh you down and even cause chaffing.

Do: Wear breathable fabrics:

Wearing active wear made from technologically advanced fitness fabrics, such as polyester or lycra blends, can stretch with your body, have moisture wicking abilities and odour reducing qualities, can make your workout easier and allow you to make the most out of your workout. These items can have ventilation panels that allow for your body to cool down quicker.

Choosing items that are in darker colours can also do a great job at disguising sweat stains!

Gym bag:
Don’t: Use your work bag as a gym bag:

Even if your pride yourself on being organised, using your work bag as a gym bag can be a big mistake. Using your work bag as a gym bag can leave your files smelly and wet and there is nothing more embarrassing than reaching for an important document during a meeting and pulling out an old pair of gym shorts instead!

Do: Take a specific gym bag to your workouts:

Using a specific bag for all of your gym gear is extremely beneficial. It can hold all of your gym necessities, such as headphones and your favourite resistance bands, and keeps all of your sweating clothes in one place. Choosing a canvas bag is ideal as you can wash it regularly.


Don’t: Wear your everyday socks to the gym:

Traditional socks, often made from wool or cotton, are off-limits at the gym! Socks that are made from these fabrics can increase the odour and will increase the chance of developing an infection. They are also not ideal for drawing sweat away from the body and can cause blisters.

Do: Wear athletic socks:

Socks that are specifically made for the gym, also known as athletic socks, have moisture wicking properties that draw sweat away from the body and move it to the outside of the fabric, keeping you dry. This also reduces the growth of microbes to dramatically reduce the change of fungal infection and have odour reducing qualities. Some also have the added feature of an arch support to improve and support blood circulation to reduce the chance of those uncomfortable cramps.


Don’t: Wear streetwear sneakers to the gym:

Casual sneakers are not made with the right support that your foot's needs during high intensity workouts at the gym. Wearing your street sneakers to the gym doesn't provide you with the support and cushioning your feet and ankles need meaning that you can end up with an injury that can could leave you needing crutches.

Do: Wear the right shoe for your workout:

When choosing the type of shoe for your workout, it is important to consider the level of intensity you intend to work at.
Running has a huge impact on your feet and ankles so you will need shoes that have a high level of shock absorption, however, if your workouts vary in intensity, then you should consider a cross trainer.

However, inside the gym, you don’t want any form of shoe that has shock absorption. A flat soled shoe that is not compressible is absolutely imperative, and better suited to exercises such as deadlifts and squats.

Our gym shoe range has a large selection of weightlifting and bodybuilding shoes specifically designed for workouts inside the gym

It is also crucial to assess your workout shoes at least once a month for wear and tear so that your shoes can always provide your body with a high level of support.


Summary: Don’t: Wear a top that is too small for you:, Do: Wear a sleeveless shell shirt:, Don’t: Wear your bathing suite to the gym:, Do: Buy activewear shorts:, Don’t: Wear activewear that is too loose:, Do: Wear fitted gym attire:, Don’t: Wear items that are made from heavy materials:, Do: Wear breathable fabrics:, Don’t: Use your work bag as a gym bag:, Do: Take a specific gym bag to your workouts:, Don’t: Wear your everyday socks to the gym:, Do: Wear athletic socks:, Don’t: Wear streetwear sneakers to the gym:, Do: Wear the right shoe for your workout: