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Stock Up On Trendsetting Cool Gym Apparel With Iron Tanks’ Signature Collection of Tanks & Shirts

Most collectors begin by buying one item they like, a book for instance among bookworms. If they found the story written well and gripping, they would buy another from the same author. And before they know it, they already have collected all the works of one author of numerous books that represent a type of books.

Same thing occurs when choosing personal and high quality gym apparel. Once we feel comfortable in a shirt from one brand, we want to try out all the items from this brand. We want to have the same familiar comfort and expect the same quality on the other shirts.

That’s why both men and women have made Iron Tanks assortment of sporty gym tanks their favourite. Our gym apparel has superior quality that provides comfort, maneuverability, durability and perfectly cut to flatter the wearer’s physique.      

Stride into your next gym session with confidence and pride, wearing nothing but the best fitness gear in the industry!

Men’s Signature Gym Tanks

Upgrade from old gym attire that’s sweat-stained and full of holes to finely-crafted, well-designed pieces you’ll find yourself wearing in and out of the gym.  

You’ll be happy to display your hard earned body in these premium garments!

  1. N1 Classic T-Back Gym Singlet in Grey Marle

Don’t let this tank’s seemingly basic design fool you. Made with 100% high-quality performance-enhancing cotton, this tank is sure to please in both comfort and functionality.

N1 Classic T-Back Gym Singlet in Grey Marle

This classic gym singlet has a flattering cut that emphasizes your new carved frame in all the right areas. It’s contoured to fit while still allowing your body to breathe, helping you stay cool and collected as you sweat your heart out on the gym floor.

Lightweight fabric and narrow shoulder straps are an ideal choice for strength training and resistance exercises.

A signature classic worn by legendary bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, you’ll be happy to be sporting such a comfortable, stylish tank when your muscles are busting from their seams.

  1. Iron Muscle Tank in Black

Fall back to another gym staple piece with the iconic muscle tank.

Boasting the athletic design of the original, this shirt offers a bit more coverage along the chest and shoulders than the t-back singlet style.

Iron Muscle Tank in Black

However, this does nothing to take away from its good look or functionality. You can still move and maneuver your arms during weight training. Plus it’s made of free-flowing cotton fabric that lets your body breathe even when under the strain of a high intensity workout.

The draping is contoured to fit your body, enhancing your figure and amplifying the awesome results of all your hard work in the gym.

So hit the iron in the signature muscle tank, displaying your love for ‘Iron’ with the brand name printed across your chest.

  1. Iron Mesh Pro Bodybuilding Jersey in Red

Guys love a good sports jersey and the look of this red stunner will surely urge you to have a closet full of them!

Iron Mesh Pro Bodybuilding Jersey in Red

Made in the ever-popular basketball-theme, this epic jersey is constructed with soft mesh fabric ready to keep your temperature regulated out on the gym floor.

Polyester fabric side panels, the popping bright red hue and the words “Iron 26” (26 referring to the number of Iron in the periodic table) all give this singlet tank a hip, modern vibe. You’ll surely be confident when wearing this while flaunting your thick arms and upper torso.

Perfect for any gym or exercise regimen, be it bodybuilding, strength training, or a variety of sports, this awesome jersey is ready to go places and bring you along for the ride!

  1. Jungle Camo T-Back Bodybuilding Tank

Despite its camo appearance, this fun and energetic tank will do anything but make you blend into the crowd.

A combination of the classic gym singlet style and a wild green, brown and white camo pattern sets this gym tank apart from every basic shirt in your collection.

The ideal cut that shows your physique and the comfortable cotton fabric make it a favourite every time you hit the gym.

Jungle Camo T-Back Bodybuilding Tank

Feel proud as you carry the NU-Era Iron Tanks logo across your chest on this lightweight, breathable tank. Pair this with a variety of gym bottoms for an array of different outfits to bring your gym apparel to a whole new level.

Women’s Signature Gym Tanks

It’s time to update your appearance with finely-crafted fitness gear, prepared to hug every curve and keep you feeling confident and sexy while you dominate the gym scene!


  1. Women’s Muscle Tank

For the women who train just as hard as any man to build a toned figure with curves in the right places — this tank is for you!

The luxe cotton is lightweight yet durable, able to withstand the intense motions of any extreme workout but also breathable and free-flowing for easy maneuvering and comfort.

Women’s Muscle Tank


The Iron logo and “est. 2010” print image gives this muscle tank a more modern approach to the original design, but still holds an authentic feel that gives it credibility in the gym environment.

Rock this look in a variety of four colors, and boost your fitness attire for a great new collection.

  1. Climaxx-Air Women’s Tank in Glacial Blue

Innovative technology has never looked more fashionable!

The Climaxx brand has been praised for its high-tech fabrics that bring an entirely new experience to gym apparel.

Climaxx-Air Women’s Tank in Glacial Blue


This shirt boasts some of these features, including moisture-wicking technology to eliminate sweat before it sets and a poly-spandex 4-way knit fabric for maximum range of motion during your exercise regimen.

For added benefit comes the figure-flattering shape and glacial blue color that brings more style to any combination of Iron Tank wardrobe pieces. The diamond emblem of the company sparkles against this backdrop as well.

Elevate your gym apparel game with one (or more!) of these amazing, new-age tanks, essential for boosting performance while maintaining much-needed comfort.

  1. Don’t Quit Tank Top

This tank gives you a shot at the elbow when you need it most.

This fun and motivating tank holds nothing back with its bold statement emblazoned across the torso saying “Don’t Quit, Do It.” Powerful words to hold onto while going full-force during a high-volume training or cardio session.

Don’t Quit Tank Top

Represent your tough, resilient spirit by wearing this tank, a cotton-spandex mix of fabrics that’s sure to keep you comfortable and allow your skin to breathe.

This tank is as strong as you are, ready to handle whatever grueling workouts you put it through. Plus, the grey, teal and white color pattern make for a stylish mix.

  1. Iron Lady Tank Top in Grey

Exude class and sophistication with this simple yet lovely grey singlet tank.

Any confident, strong woman needs a gym tank that gives of an air of quiet superiority. While she’s going hard at the gym - lifting weights or undergoing extreme high intensity circuits -  she doesn’t need to brag about her power.

Iron Lady Tank Top in Grey

The tank’s ribbed fitting and Iron Lady logo across the chest showcases the hard work you’ve putting in your body, in a ladylike, modest manner.

Embrace your inner gym goddess with this simple yet perfect fitness wear essential, and pick up all of these tanks for women to modernize your gym wardrobe with premium, high-quality pieces.

Build Your Perfect Collection of Signature Iron Tanks Today!

When it comes to your wardrobe, old things off the rack does little to boost your confidence and add to your motivation.   

For those spending countless hours working hard -- armed with sheer determination and willpower to powerfully enhance their body, it’s necessary to have a proper gym wardrobe.

Apart from keeping you cool and comfortable while you workout, it should also show off your developing physique in a subtle but bold way. Seeing this in the mirror will surely give you additional boost in motivation and confidence to go on with your rigorous routine week after week, month after month, year after year.

At Iron Tanks, we understand what it means to be proud of reaching your body goals. Therefore, our collection of tanks and other gym apparel is designed with our customers in mind.

Check out our products and shop Iron Tanks merchandise today!

July 06, 2017 by Afterpay Integrations

Escape the Winter Chill With Seasonal Essentials From Iron Tanks Gym Gear and Apparel

Staying indoors and cozying up on the couch during cold weather can be all too tempting, keeping you from going to the gym or waking up for your morning jog.

After all, there’s no need to work on your summer body when the winter chill is still being felt all around, right?

Wrong. If you’re feeling unmotivated, doing away with the progress you had while working out is a bad move. Of course you don’t want to lose what you already have - pounds/kg shed, curves in the right places and a powerful muscular physique.

Give yourself a reason to hit the gym for those weights with proper gym apparel that’ll keep you warm and full of energy.

At Iron Tanks Premium Gym and Fitness Gear, we have all the winter essentials to get you on your feet, in the gym and building yourself into a stronger, firmer, healthier physique.

With plenty of options to choose from including jumpers, sweatpants and more, you’ll find you have all the proper pieces for creating a full winter wardrobe right at your fingertips.

So take a look at our inventory and decide for yourself just what it will take to keep you heading into the weight room and staying in tip-top shape!

Men’s Winter Wear

Despite having the urge to showcase that hard earned physique (as you should!), the cold weather is hardly suitable for maintaining your average tank and gym shorts outfit.

It’s time to suit up with stylish yet casual basics that will cover your masculine form while still making a statement.

  1. Hulk Fleece Zip Hoodie V2

When it comes to comfort and easy maneuverability, a hoodie is a perfect choice for just about anyone.

Hulk Fleece Zip Hoodie V2

This jumper is a must-have for the bodybuilding or powerlifter who needs a warm, comfortable refuge to keep themselves warm to and from the gym, and even during a warmup inside the gym!

With its signature fabric, a masterful blend of cotton and fleece, this durable and fashionable hoodie with a zipper front makes for simple dressing.

The Iron Tanks logo on the sleeve, hood and upper left chest adds to the tough look.

A sweater with room to breathe, this high-quality jumper comes in both gunmetal grey and pitch black to easily match with just about anything in your wardrobe, making this a staple item you can’t pass up.

  1. Hulk Fleece Pullover Hoodie V2

If zippers aren’t your game, then meet the exception to the hoodie rule with this pullover version, giving you equipped with its own the ultimate comfort and style.

Hulk Fleece Pullover Hoodie V2

This jumper’s 80:20 cotton fleece interior is a dream, giving you ample relaxation and warmth during the chill of a winter’s evening.

The heavy-duty material and provides a cozy feeling perfect for lazy days on the sofa, but is also reliable when it comes time to hitting the weights or crushing a cardio session.

Its tapered fit gives an all-around awesome balance of form, function, style and comfortability you’re unlikely to find anywhere.

An Iron Tanks woven label accents the jumper for added character, printed over the favorite marle grey colour everyone is sure to adore.

All in all, this hoodie is great for both hard-hitting gym routines and the relaxation period to follow, making it the ultimate wardrobe essential.

  1. Orion Gym Pants  

What better clothing item to pair with a classic hoodie than another iconic garment, the cozy sweatpants?

Orion Gym Pants

Allowing for a wide amount of flexibility and muscle movement, these relaxed fit luxe cotton sweats are perfect for both casual and gym settings.

They certainly provide warmth with their cotton-terry blend. Thankfully, though, they also aren’t stifling, allowing the skin to breathe should you be actively engaging in extreme physical routines while wearing them.

Hi-top gym shoes pair well with these, given their cuffed ankle bands that rest comfortably without dragging down or curling up.

Whether you’re training hard or resting harder, acquiring a pair of these spectacular gym pants will keep your leg muscles warm and ready for the next big leg day.  

  1. Hulk Long Sleeve Top V2 in Balboa Grey

Avoid the frigid temperatures while still giving your body plenty of room to maneuver with this long sleeve, lightweight shirt.

It can easily be thrown over an undershirt or tank, making it an awesome layering piece for those days you can’t predict whether it’s going to be hot or cold.

Hulk Long Sleeve Top V2 in Balboa Grey

The form-fitting, 2x2 ribbed fabric provides a comfortable flow while still creating somewhat of a silhouette to show off your growing frame. Meanwhile, the scooped neck gives a sliver of skin on display, giving admirers a peek at what’s hiding underneath.

For something so simple, this long-sleeve top looks sexy and rugged, showing off just the right amount of muscle while not sticking to your skin.

Guys, instead of working out in tiny summer gear that won’t keep your body warm, or simply foregoing exercising because you dont have right clothes, try out some of this stellar gym apparel.

Women’s Winter Wear

Ladies, while it can be easy to push aside your daily fitness routine for the utter relaxation of a warm, cozy couch in front of the TV, letting the cold weather months, remember that you have already worked hard and have made some gains in losing body fat and forming curves in the right places.

Feel energized and get your body moving in any of these fun and stylish signature Iron Tank garments.

  1. Climaxx-Air Long Sleeve Top in Black Ice

Show off your killer bod while still holding onto your body heat with this durable yet fashionable top, perfect for the inner fashionista within the bodybuilding beast!

Climaxx-Air Long Sleeve Top in Black Ice

It’s high-tech, poly-spandex fabric is designed for optimal strength and reliability to withstand even the toughest, most grueling workouts. However, this top is equally comfortable, as the knit material acts as a warm body-hugger.

The fabric is also made to handle sweat, formulated with a moisture-wicking technology that will keep you cooled down and dry, even in your long sleeves. At the same time, it hugs your curves, giving you that subtle, sensual appeal.  

Overall, this top is fantastic as a hot new wardrobe item, can be worn in a variety of outfits without ever losing its style.

  1. Women’s Iron Pullover Hoodie V2 in Storm Grey  

The dudes aren’t the only ones who deserve the ultimate comfortable hoodie.

Ladies, we have our very own, just for you! This high-quality jumper is a cotton fleece polyester blend, perfect for cozying up and staying warm, even during your most rigorous workouts.

The Iron logo, followed underneath by a printed “est. 2010,” gives the hoodie a little flair.

Plus, it’s storm grey colour means this can easily paired with other clothes.

  1. Climaxx Leggings in Terminator   

Step up your style with these high-quality leggings, an original design hand-crafted by an Iron Tanks resident artist and digitally printed to create some amazingly unique and awesome workout apparel!

Climaxx Leggings in Terminator

The tech and science-inspired pattern is built to make you look like a well-oiled machine, ready to go hard on the weights are plow through an extreme HIIT session.

With compression tech material suited for improving circulation and enhancing your performance, these fade-resistant and ultra durable leggings are sure to be your next favorite clothing item.

Show off your figure with this amazing fit and let the inner Terminator in you come out to play!


Heat Up Your Winter With Warm Attire From Iron Tanks Gym Gear

When you’ve made it through grueling workouts, sore aching muscles, intense sweat sessions and exhausting weight training, the last thing you want to do is to quit.

The winter chill can make anyone want to stay home and relax, but losing sight of your goals and neglecting your fitness regimen will be a first step to neglecting your body down the road.

Instead, you should stay warm and motivated.  Stock up on our winter essentials, which are equipped to keep you comfortable and regulate your body temperature year-round.

Search through Iron Tanks inventory today and buy gym clothing, gym wear & gym apparel online.

July 06, 2017 by Afterpay Integrations

Step Up Your Workout Game With the New Collection of Iron Tanks Gym Apparel

In need of a new set of reliable comfortable and stylish gym apparel?

Many of those who don’t consistently go to the gym i.e people who only go long enough to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions or to meet their new diet rules, simply throw on whatever sweats or beat up t-shirts when they workout.

However, the right fit and suitable fabrics can make a world of difference in enhancing performance, while helping gym buffs stay cool and comfortable in the process.

That’s why it’s important to always have a good set of exercise gear. With it, you can do your routine comfortably and regularly. So when your current wardrobe wears out, it’s time to bring in the big guns — Iron Tanks Gym Gear and Apparel.

Iron Tanks Gym Gear provides exercise enthusiasts high-quality and stylish exercise attire. These will give maximum support as you go through your routine and help them achieve your fitness goals.

With this in mind, check out our selection of the hottest and latest men’s and women’s fitness gear to send your next sweat session into high velocity!

New Looks for Men

Stop wearing the same rags to the gym.

Enhance your looks with a fresh set of tanks, shorts and more that are suitable to your exercise regimen. We guarantee these will make you look and feel good.


  1. Iron Tech Tee in Charcoal

Start with one of our customers’ favourites!

This tee is far more than your average grey t-shirt. It’s a true representation of both innovation and sophistication put in gym wear, with nu-poly woven fibre fabric that is optimised for a powerful performance.

You don’t have to choose between comfort and function. This awesome piece is designed to be relaxed while keeping its shape during even the most rigorous of regimens.

It also gives plenty of ventilation that lets your skin breathe and your body to remain cool even if you have a longer session. Feel confident in your clothing without needing to be flashy with this great looking and fully functional wardrobe item.


  1. Vanity V2 Gym Shorts with a yellow stripe


Beat the summer heat with a pair of these great gym shorts.

Vanity V2 Gym Shorts with a yellow stripe

Leg day has never been more rewarding than when wearing these polyester micro-stretch shorts, perfect for running or heavy squat sessions. Even suitable for the beach! Its lightweight fabric is unbelievably comfortable.

Bodybuilders, powerlifters or general gym junkies can rock these shorts with cool yellow, blue or red stripes on the side panel.

  1. Hulk Long Sleeve Gym Top V2 in Balboa Grey

Keep away the late night chill with this ideal garment!

Hulk Long Sleeve Gym Top V2 in Balboa Grey

Ready to be used as a layering item, this piece can keep you warm while still showing a your hard earned sculpted body.

With a 2x2 ribbed poly-cotton fabric, this shirt is simple yet still looks rugged.  The scoop neck even shows off a part of collarbone and upper pecs for an extra dose of aesthetic appeal.

The black print on the sleeve makes for a fun logo design, capping off an all-around awesome top suited for the fitness buff who wants to hit the gym in style.

  1. N1 Classic Gym Shorts in Pitch Black

Pair your new Iron Tank shirts with these complementary shorts.

N1 Classic Gym Shorts in Pitch Black

Feel the power of the bodybuilding greats who wore such classic designs, like Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Number One is certainly a name that fits these 100% cotton trunks, comfortable and lightweight enough to suit any exercise routine.

The mid-thigh cut is perfect for flexibility and shows off your toned muscles, fruits of your hard work in the gym.

It also has two side pockets where you can tuck away your valuables. The rear zip pocket can even store your wallet while you’re at the beach or in other public arenas.

Its unique design and the comfort it gives make N1 Classic shorts a favourite among exercise enthusiasts,

Give up your old gym gear and feel motivated as you workout in style with Iron Tanks apparel.


New Looks for Women

You should dispose gym clothes that have holes, sweat stains or stretched out seams. Instead, wear gym clothes that emphasise your hard earned physique. 

Our figure flattering, curve enhancing gym apparel will leave you feeling attractive day and night, regardless if you’re simply doing a cool down yoga session or going tough and sweaty while doing an extreme HIIT workout.


  1. Coral Sports Bra

Start from the top with this alluring and colorful sports bra!

Coral Sports Bra


A stunning item from the Climaxx collection, this ultra-durable bra is made of high quality fabric, able to secure your bust during high endurance movement.

The X-strap design across the back adds support and flexibility. It also comes padded interior cup inserts are also included but can be removed depending on preference.

With it’s lovely, fade-resistant coral color, this sports bra holds true to the superior combination of both style and function. With the Iron Tanks logo across the lower band of the undergarment, you’ll feel more pumped up and ready to go more than ever before.

Rock this stunner of an exercise essential, letting its great design and performance-enhancing features give you the energy and confidence in the weight room.


  1. Climaxx-Air Women’s Tank in Black Ice

Top off that sports bra with another Climaxx brand signature piece!

Climaxx-Air Women’s Tank in Black Ice

Designed with poly-spandex 4-knit fabric to be form-fitting, this awesome tank is comfortable, seductive and allows your skin to breathe. 

Train your hardest and still feel your best with this shirt’s moisture-wicking technology that keeps you cool and dry. The high-tech material also allows you maximum maneuverability,  while looking hip with its design.

Meanwhile, the diamond emblem shining across the black ice coloring adds charm. So for a figure-hugging tank shirt that exudes fun and can withstand even the most intensive workouts, try this optimal piece — you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Women’s Orion Gym Pants

Suit up for cooler weather with these wonderfully-comfortable sweatpants that will quickly become an everyday favourite (whether you’re going to the gym or just chilling).

Women’s Orion Gym Pants

With their cotton-terry blend material and cuffed ankles, these amazing track pants keep you warm while also giving you superb flexibility.

Plus, the screen-printed Iron Tanks logo and ankle cuffs look good (without being flashy and ridiculous). Added pockets on the sides and an inner velcro pocket gives plenty of storage as well, keeping your valuables in place even during high-intensity routines.

Simply pair these cozy, cuffed sweats with a fresh new pair of Iron Tanks gym shoes for a simple, thrown-together look that exudes confidence, comfort and style.

Choose from gunmetal grey or pitch black, or simply purchase both to have even more awesome pieces in your growing collection!

Whether you’re going hard in the gym or just lounging around the house, these comfy gym pants are worth every penny.


  1. Iron Lady Vanity Shorts in Gunmetal Grey

No reason to ditch comfort for function! Show those lean, toned legs with a pair of stretchy, free-flowing shorts that allow for an abundance of mobility to suit any extreme sport or routine.

Iron Lady Vanity Shorts in Gunmetal Grey

The Iron Lady logo on the front reminds you lifting those weights isn't just a mans game. After all, it takes patience and hardwork in order to achieve the ultimate strong and sexy bod - regardless of gender!

The high-tech fabric is built to last, so do your worst and test its durability — you’ll be pleasantly surprised! The fun, gunmetal colorway is fashion-forward and can be easily paired, making it an essential piece of your exercise apparel.

Ladies, it’s time to step up your gym apparel game. Make a fashion statement, be comfortable and show off those sexy curves with Iron Tanks Gym Gear and Apparel.


Indulge in Suitable Gym Attire

Look and feeling good while working out

If your wardrobe is looking rather dated and drab (or if it’s just falling apart altogether), it’s time to reward yourself for your hard work with a little retail therapy!

Check out Iron Tanks for gym apparel you’ll be happy to wear, not just at the gym but also in your daily activities.

It’s comfortable, stylish and designed to flatter, making every piece a great addition to your wardrobe.

You spend hours working out, training to strengthen your muscle and keep your body fit. This accomplishment should be accentuated by clothes that flatter your figure, giving you more confidence and serves as extra motivation to hit the gym more often.

July 06, 2017 by Afterpay Integrations

Be Comfortable and Stylish in Iron Tanks Gym Apparel

Show Off the Stunning Body You’ve Worked Hard to Achieve in the Hottest Iron Tanks Gym Gear and Apparel

People do exercise regularly not only to look good.

They also do it to develop strength, build strong bones and strengthen muscles. Moreover, cardio is amazing at keeping your heart healthy and sustaining the burning of excess fat.

Given this, it’s safe to say that there’s a multitude of reasons to motivate you to go to the gym regularly.

But as you achieve that perfect body, let our amazing clothes accentuate your curves and enhance the look of that figure.     

Iron Tanks gym gear and apparel is a major retailer designed to do just that. We offer high-quality, designer gym fashion unlike anything else in the market.

From tank tops, short-sleeve comfort sweaters, gorgeously-patterned leggings to comfortable cool shorts, our merchandise can keep you feeling great while you form your powerful, athletic body.

Hot Men’s Apparel

Dress for fitness success with these awesome gym essentials.

  1. Marauder Stringer Singlet

Marauder Stringer SingletStart off your wardrobe with this classic. Such popular gym tanks, equipped with slim shoulder straps and a Y-back design, were made popular by iconic muscle-building greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. The little material around the shoulders provides ample space for showing your growing muscular shoulders and pecs. Made with 100% of only the finest cotton that provides both comfort and style, this piece will surely become your favorite new gym top.

  1. BFG Heavy Rag Top

BFG Heavy Rag TopAnother classic, this sleeveless garment (featuring classic the “sawn off” armholes)  keeps you relaxed for your next power lift meet or during an intense cardio circuit. The loose fit flatters your masculine built while keeping you cool and comfortable, owed to its French terry cotton blend. Moreover, the scoop neck gives a great hint of your developed upper pecs and exposed collarbone, further enhancing your shape.

  1. N1 Classic Gym Shorts

N1 Classic Gym ShortsStart off leg day with a pair of shorts that look like a perfect addition to a round in the boxing ring. These lightweight shorts fall to about mid-thigh, keeping you comfortable while allowing for maximum maneuverability. An essential item, especially during the warmer summer months, these 100% cotton gym shorts let your skin breathe while you sweat. Plus, they come equipped with a variety of pockets - one rear zipper pocket for storing valuables and two side pockets  for holding music players. Let these stunners show off those masculine, toned legs while you set off into a crazy squat and deadlift rage!

  1. Vanity V2 Gym Shorts

Vanity V2 Gym ShortsKick off your workout with a set of these stunning gym shorts. Let out your inner bodybuilder in these polyester micro-stretch shorts, perfect for easy flexibility and greater returns on your hard work. With added features including a rear pocket for storage and a quick drawstring tie for a comfortable, adjustable fit, any man will be happy to wear such versatile merchandise. Whether indoors at the gym or outdoors in the sunshine, these trunks are your new essential exercise item. Bring out your inner beast with these stellar gym basics and show everyone the masculine, rugged body you’ve been working to achieve.

Hot Women’s Apparel

Women at the gym are working just as hard to create a rockin’ bod. Iron Tanks carries a hot line of women’s wear to cater to their needs as well.

  1. Climaxx-Air Longsleeve Top

Climaxx-Air Longsleeve TopThis top is a poly-spandex blend that’s both great for function and style but style. Our 4-way knit fabrics ensure spectacular maneuverability and keeps you sweat-free with quick-dry technology. Thus, getting your sweat on doesn’t have to be a burden anymore! Its colours won’t fade so the cool prints and patterns won’t lose their charm, while the form-fitting fabric lets you move during an intense cardio session. As a bonus, the long-sleeved, full-bodied shape gives women with large busts optimal support while they move.

  1. Climaxx Leggings in Insidious

Climaxx Leggings in Insidious There’s no need to sacrifice great style in lieu of greater function, and these leggings are a great example! Their edgy look makes you want to dive in and train your hardest. The new-tech fabric works amazingly in keeping sweat at bay while still maintaining its stretch and form-fitting fabric. Working through insane bouts of cardio requires some reliability and you’ll get that in spades with these fun and dependable performance leggings.

  1. Climaxx Leggings in Terminator

Climaxx Leggings in TerminatorAdd these fun and exciting leggings to your collection and display your inner machine by slaying in the weight room! With hot patterns hand-drawn and digitally printed on high-quality new-age technology fabric leggings, you won’t ever want to take these off. Show your skill and determination in gear that’s designed to help improve your performance, great in keeping you feeling cool while keeping your blood pumping and letting you unleash your inner beast in style!

  1. Iron Lady Tank Top

Iron Lady Tank TopA perfect set of leggings are nothing without a matching set of proper tank tops to go with them. Try something like the gym singlet style in the color black. A true lady of power needs the right apparel to demonstrate her skill and confidence in her body. This cotton-spandex blend tank does just that, with the prominent Iron Lady logo emblazoned across the chest. This top’s breathable cloth keeps you cool as you pumping iron, while the simple black hue with the silver, metallic logo gives you a variety of different outfit options. Wear this tank top again and again to show off your lean, toned physique.

  1. Ladies Vanity Gym Shorts

Ladies Vanity Gym ShortsAn awesome pair of fitness shorts is necessary for extreme cardio days, and these are a modern, hip answer to your needs. Be proud of those killer lean legs when you bounce into leg day wearing these bright, stylish shorts. Allow yourself perfect comfort and flexibility in this top-notch Iron Lady material, a perfect match to your Iron Lady tank! Whether you’ll be jogging along the beach, running through your neighborhood or gunning for a personal best in the gym, these gym shorts will be your training partner. The side openings add a touch of style and breathability as well, finding that wonderful combination of flare and functionality.

Women in the gym can demonstrate their fierce prowess in any number of these impressive gym apparel pieces, perfect for displaying your hard work in building lean muscle mass.

Go To The Gym To Stay Fit. Stay Longer To Show Off Your Hot New Gear!

The benefits of building a strong, muscular body and preventing fat from accumulating are the biggest reasons people hit the gym.

Staying fit and strong can ward off disease, keep your metabolism charged, and allow for higher energy and motivation to work through your day and boundless confidence.

Hitting the gym regularly -- be it for cardio, boxing or weight training, requires dedication and hard-work. Thus, doing so well brings a sense of fulfillment. 

Let Iron Tanks premium gym apparel dress up your healthy physique with undeniable style, functionality and comfort. With innovative technology and reliable fabrics designed for the bodybuilder and gym enthusiast, our merchandise is prepared to handle even the toughest regimens.

So go all in on those barbells. End up drenched in sweat during a savage workout.

No matter what your preference, Iron Tanks has got you covered. We understand what it takes for the right clothing to get the job done, and we put these elements into every one of our products.

Shop Iron Tanks today and see for yourself!

Wrist Wraps: One Way To Improve Performance In The Gym

wrist strapsThe industry has a myriad of accessories to assist exercise enthusiasts to achieve the best results.

For one, proper weightlifting calls for hard work, consistency and application of the principles of lifting - correct body posture, right application of gym techniques and the useful support to attain maximum power.

To help us achieve all these without much unnecessary strain and stress, we have belts, gym shoes, knee sleeves and the most popular yet highly misrepresented: wrist wraps.

Wrist wraps are designed to support the wrist joints while making heavy and overhead and bench press lifts. The wrist needs the support to generate more power and lessen the risk of injury via hyper-extension.

This makes wrist wraps a must-have for athletes and if you’re still in doubt, here are the reasons you need to use wrist wraps.


Cast Like Support And Max Power Output

Wrist Wraps ensure your wrists have a cast-like support, allowing you to direct the force directly to the bar without instablity. If you are lifting to better your pushing movements then you need a pair of lifting wraps.


Extra Reps And More Weight

With wraps, you have added support to make extra reps and handle more weight than usual. They are essential for overloading on big heavy sets.


Wraps reduce neurological stress that come with heavy lifts

Wraps play a significant role in reducing neurological stress during heavy snatches, pulls and deadlifts.

They can prove useful in relieving excessive stressors, allowing your CNS (Central Nervous System) to take less of a hit. In addition, wraps ease tension and stress on the wrists even when a lot of power or force is required.


Permits Heavy Lifting Even With Niggles

You may suffer slight impingement or pain when pressing (overhead, or bench pressing). Especially when using dumbbells, which require additional stabilizing muscles to perform the movement.

Wrist wraps aren't a cure to an ailment or serious injury, but they can certainly help train through niggles and minor setbacks, as well as help those post rehabilitation from an injury or ailment. It is always best to seek professional medical advice for your particular situation, however!

Reminders when using wrist wraps


Warm-Up Before Wearing Wraps

As much as we may always insist on the use of wraps, you really don’t need them to manage small loads or volumes when lifting and pressing. Wrist wraps excel when using them for bigger volumes where muscle will fatigue or bigger weights with lower reps (powerlifting or strongman training)


Use the Right Wrap for you

What do you intend to achieve; ultimate brute support for power-lifting or just some additional support for your workout regimen? We have wraps to suit all types of lifting and training.

Wraps can vary in length and denier (thickness and stretch factor. Ours start at 12" (30cm) and go all the way to a whopping 36" (91cm)

"Heavy" wrist wraps in 12" or 18" are fantastic all-rounders. They are suitable for bodybuilding type workouts as well as super useful on a low-bar back squat when your wrist is put under duress. They are the "go-to" wrap. The 12" and 18" are also suitable for females mostly due to the fact that women tend to have smaller wrists than men, and find these much more manageable and comfortable to lift in.

The Super Heavy 24" (60cm) (and above) start to get a little more serious. If you've had wrist wraps before and have been lifting for a few years, it might be worthwhile investing straight up in a pair of 24" Super Heavy's. They are still suitable for bodybuilding type work, but have added length and a tighter denier for a more brutal cast-like support. Our of all our wraps, these are probably the most popular.

Brutal & Juggernaut (36" or 91cm) are for more experienced lifters who need the added stiffness and revolutions that come with a bigger wrap. It is not uncommon for serious gym-goers to own two pairs of wraps, one that suits your general purpose lifting, and a stiffer set for heavier load days. 


You Don’t Need Wrist Wraps For All Gym Activities

wrist straps

Some bodyweight routines like push-ups, pull-ups and handstands can be comfortably done without wearing wraps. Unless you are preparing for a gymnastics competition e.g. the pommel horse or the vault, there’s no reason to use wraps for all your sessions.

The bottom line is; you need a pair of wraps for heavy regular gym activity, but not so much for basic lightweight exercises or very entry level workouts.


Don’t Use Wraps To Cover Flexibility and Mobility problems

We have seen trainees who use wrist pain as their excuse for having wraps on all the time, especially when working on front squats or trying to assume the perfect position for a clean.

On the contrary, in most cases this discomfort comes as a result of poor mobility and flexibility of the upper body.

These include issues like poor wrist flexibility and limited shoulder flexion.

So the idea that “Wrist wraps make your wrists more flexible” is misguided. Always consult your local trainer to help you with any of the issues mentioned above. Improving your wrist mobility and strength is one good way to get started. 

Be Sure To Wear Wrist Wraps In The Right Position - Not Too Low.

Just like their name suggests wrist wraps are designed to help support your wrist joints during heavy gym activity, so to get the most desirable results, you must practice tying your wraps in the right position.

Otherwise, the wrist wrap won’t work and become more or like forearm bracelets (which don’t provide the needed support).

Also, ensure you wrap so that the whole wrist joint is covered enough to enhance support and reduce possible excessive extension of the wrist.

Insignificant as they may look, wraps undoubtedly improve your performance when you exercise. If you’re still unsure on how to use them, best to consult a fitness coach or one of the team here at Iron Tanks.

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5 Weightlifting Techniques To Make You Stronger

It is enjoyable watching an athlete kick a football, manipulate a hockey stick or dribble a basketball. This kind of skill is a product of hours at practice and hours at the gym and on field.

Practice and sound fundamentals determine how you react to in-game situations. But refining skill takes time.   

This theory should also apply to weightlifting. In a perfect world, all gym lovers would workout, advance safely, and build their maximum power to push heavier loads without the risk of injury or using compensation patterns that won’t work to their benefit.

But in reality, this rarely happens. An exercise buff’s success depends how well he executes every rep. Plus, you want to perfect your weight lifting techniques to build muscle and minimise the risk of injury. To achieve this, we suggest that you follow these techniques:


The most common problem in doing a deadlift is the excessive pressure a trainee puts on their spine instead of having their hip carry much of the weight.  

weightlifting technique

Deadlift instructions
  • Keep your spine aligned straight and force the movement all the way from your hips.
  • Get the bar close to your shin as you begin the motion and keep your shin upright without having your knee positioned in front of the weight’s bar.
  • While standing, suck in a deep breath - hold - grab the bar, and then drive up without over-extending during lockout.



Even though most trainees consider the barbell back squat a traditional and “basic” workout, most weightlifters often perform it incorrectly.

The most common problems with squats include:

  • Lifting on a rounded back,
  • Risk of valgus knee collapse and
  • Most lifters failing to reach insufficient depth.

weightlifting technique

The Goblet Squat Instructions
  • Hold a dumbbell laterally in front of your chest with both elbows pointed downward
  • Sit stuck between your feet with your chest out/up
  • Squat ass-to-ground with the hip-crease aligned below your knee-crease
  • Finish with both elbows on the inner part of your thighs
  • Carefully allow your upper body to slightly lean forward so you can maintain steadiness on your mid-foot
  • Don’t let your back to arch forward - stay rigid throughout the lift
  • Progress to heavier dumbbells over time


Shoulder Pack

The shoulder pack is crucial for lifters who carry out upper body routines for shoulder health.

When packing your shoulders, pull them to your body, in the direction of your adjacent hip pockets. This will enhance scapular stability and will also prevent poor body posture and improve your performance in all the lifts including lower body workouts.

Shoulder Packing Instructions
  • Draw your shoulders in the direction of your opposite hip pockets when pulling in a vertical or horizontal directions.
  • Repeat this shoulder pack when pressing in the vertical or horizontal directions
  • Finally, cue shoulder packs when carrying out Squats, Kettlebell, Deadlifts, Swings, and any other lower body lifts.


Neutral Spine

By now, you must know that full range sit-ups are outdated and that they exert excess stress to the spine. That’s why you need the neutral spine position in all exercises. Regrettably, most trainees can’t achieve and maintain it.

Front Plank with Pelvic Rotation Instructions

  • Get into the usual front plank on your toes and elbows.
  • Move through as you ensure full lumbar hyperextension and hyperflexion by rotating your pelvis.
  • Squeeze glutes and find a neutral position between the two extremes you moved in the previous step.
  • You can apply this exercise to all of your lifts to reduce your risk of injury and keep a strong back.

Hip Hinge Pattern

For athletes who perform Kettlebell Swings, Deadlifts and Olympic lifts, the hip hinge is a very useful exercise. The hip hinge helps improve the posterior string (including hamstrings, glutes, hamstrings and back extensors), without back extension.

Instructions for Hip Hinge Drill on a Standing Position
  • Stand with your feet placed 8-10” apart.

  • Place one of your hands on your stomach and the other on your lower back .

  • Slightly bend both of your knees.

  • Push your hips back while bowing forward until you feel a pull on your hamstrings as you approach 90 degrees.

  • Ensure you back is flat and not round.

It is important to learn and master these movements, and apply them to your day to day training. With the above routines, you will become stronger over time.

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Why You Should Invest In A Pair Of Gym Shoes

Gym Shoes Bodybuilding Powerlifting

So you've spotted the ideal gym for your weightlifting, bodybuilding or powerlifting and acquired a supplement stack to help you to get the best out of your workouts. However, you have not invested in a pair of quality workout shoes.

Gym shoes are extremely important especially if you are regularly lifting weights. They come with a number of advantages, many of which you’ll notice as soon as you step into the training center for your usual workout.

Find out why you really need to own a pair of gym shoes and other facts about them below.

The Force you Encounter When Lifting Weight

When doing general sporting activities like football, soccer, or outdoor running - you are subjecting your lower body (that is supported by the feet) to an extreme amount of impact force and perturbations.

Without good cushioning and a supportive innersole, your feet are subject to excess impact pressure hindering you from reaching your full potential, and even worse potentially causing long-term injury such as sprains, strains or stress fractures. Shoes with support and padding are essential for impact sports like running or outdoor sports, but they are also the exact opposite of what you need for weightlifting or indoor gym use.

The main hitch with heavy lifting (such as squats, deadlifts or leg press) in normal sports shoes or runners is their thick padding which causes your feet to ‘sink’ into the shoe as you apply force to lift weight.

While the cushioning may seem comfortable, you are drastically reducing your capacity to generate power and apply force against the heavy weight since the padding is absorbing much of the force. Furthermore, this spring/cushion affect will also affect your balance under heavy load.

With gym shoes, you have thin and firm innersoles, which reduces the chances of rolling.  The padding in normal sports shoes is perfect for impact activities like jogging but not the right fit for lifting.

See more: The Orion and Titan Gym Shoe


Why Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Shoes over Running Shoes

Flat or Elevated Heel?

All weightlifting shoes are designed with firm, incompressible flat or elevated heels to enhance your ability to maintain correct posture throughout lifting sessions. Failing to maintain the right posture and stability is a limiting factor. Depending on your type of routine and the manufacturer, heel elevations vary from one pair to another and the goal is to choose a height that enables you to get in perfect position to apply maximum power with ease and sustain mechanical advantage. Our soles vary from 3.8mm (Orion Genesis) to 25mm on our Juggernaut shoe.

The all new Titan Gym Shoe

That’s why you should look for a height that offers utmost comfort on a squatting position and when standing upright. Don’t forget to check on mobility and flexibility along with other anthropometrics (shin angles, femur length etc).

A proven rule of thumb; choose a pair that matches the type of your body, low to flat heels for short femurs (or those with great flexibility) and vice versa. If you can squat at depth without your heels lifting off the ground, there's a good chance you can both squat and deadlift in a flat soled shoe.


Improved Mobility And Stability

With improved mobility and stability, we increase our capacity to produce power and maintain good form. Weightlifting shoes have ankle support, elevated heel, and a solid incompressible base, which enhances mobility during lifts, particularly in the knee, ankle, and hip areas.

Poor hip and ankle flexion will limit you from obtaining max power especially when doing your squats. Ensure the shoe you pick will allow utmost mobility in all postures throughout your exercises.

Straps to ensure comfortable weightlifting and support:

Juggernaut Powerlifting Shoe

Unlike running shoes, powerlifting shoes are fitted with straps to secure your feet in place preventing them for moving frontward displacement, again ensuring maximum stability and force transmission.

Solid Base

Along with elevated heels, your weightlifting shoes should provide a solid base (Wooden or EVA heels) to help you resist weight. The worst that can happen during a workout is lifting on an unstable surface; a hard base not only makes you feel more secure but also increases your ability to maintain correct posture and form.

Weightlifting and bodybuilding gym shoes have rubber soles, which are the best for traction as well as support. In addition, to avoid slippage when working out - it is advisable to have shoes that will have you firmly fixed to the ground.

What to look for In a Weight Lifting Gym Shoe

If the shoe fits perfect, you have the greatest potential to lift the maximum weight possible. So when buying look for:

If the Shoe Fits

First and most importantly, make sure the shoes is fits your feet properly. If you have to purchase a pair, which may go for $100 or more, be sure to pick one that keeps you comfortable and secure throughout grueling gym sessions.

You want shoes that fairly comfy but not too tight you can barely wriggle your toes. You don’t want a shoe that’s too big either, as you don’t want your foot to wiggle about while you train. It’s advised that any more than a thumb-length of room in the toe cap is too much. If your toe hits the top of the shoe, it is also OK so long as it is not overbearingly tight – most shoes give half a size after wearing them in.


Does It Offer Maximum Support?

After knowing what fits, look at how much support the shoe will offer when conducting your exercises. As stated earlier, we are not interested in ‘cushion’ support, we are after firm support that makes you feel sturdy under your feet.

Lifting with firm support is very useful especially for those with weak ankles, they offer more support, which will allow you hoist even more weight.

Therefore, when planning to buy ensure you have the following readily available;

  • The nature of your workout: what type of workout routines do you do?
  • Femur size: low heels will work for short femurs, high heels are ideal for long femurs (upper thigh bone).
  • Foot size: choose what fits right— not too tight not too loose. Best rule of thumb is to forget about EUR, UK or US sizing – and simply look inside the lapel of your shoe for a measurement in Centimeters (CM) or Inches. This will often reflect your size most accurately!
  • Personal Touch: what’s your favorite color, brand or style?

Having stressed enough the benefits of workout shoes, you now know why next time you need to invest in a quality pair of shoes. You are happier when the effort you put in working out produces results, if anything is limiting your full potential then you are probably struggling more and gaining less. Consider investing in a pair; two pairs are even better!


May 30, 2017 by Iron Tanks

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How to Bench Press: Powerlifting & Bodybuilding

We're going to be bringing you a lot of good content from the best in the business on a fortnightly basis. It will cover training, nutrition and all the latest scientifically backed research. Todays article is an excerpt from a larger guide written by Greg Nuckols. Greg is well equipped in the area of Powerlifting, and todays article focuses on some common bench press FAQ's.


Can I maximize chest and triceps development with JUST the bench press?


Can you grow your chest and triceps if you primarily just focus on the bench press? Sure.

Will the bench press, alone, maximize chest and triceps development?  Probably not.

For starters, research has shown that different regions of a muscle are activated and grow to different degrees based on the exercise performed.  So, to fully develop the entirety of a muscle, you’ll need some exercise variety.  You don’t need to take the full-on muscle confusion route, but you should probably have at least 2-3 movements in your training routine targeting each muscle if overall hypertrophy is your goal.

This is doubly true for the long head of the triceps.  The long head of your triceps is a two-joint muscle.  The other two heads only cross the elbow, while the long head also crosses the shoulder to aid in shoulder extension.  Research has shown that the long head of the triceps isn’t activated to the same degree as the other two heads in pure elbow extension tasks until the muscles are near-maximally challenged, or until they get very fatigued.  Because of that, the bench probably doesn’t train the long head of your triceps nearly as much as the other two heads.  To round out triceps development, movements with higher shoulder extension demands (like overhead triceps extensions or hybrid skull crusher/pullovers) will help grow the long head of the triceps.


What should I do about elbow and shoulder pain at the bottom of the bench?


If the pain is severe, if it has stuck around for more than a couple of weeks, or if it persists outside the gym, see a physical therapist and completely disregard the rest of this section.  This section is not for you.  You need to seek professional help.

If it’s just a minor irritation, and it really only bothers you a bit when you’re training, then read on.

Shoulder pain could come from a lot of different sources, from mild impingement (potentially from not retracting your shoulder blades when you set up), to a bit of capsular inflammation (just from the repetitive stress of benching hard), to tendonitis at the origin of your biceps (which originate just above your shoulder).

For most people, these five things will help, when coupled with a 30-50% reduction in bench volume until the discomfort subsides:

  1. Make sure your shoulder blades are retracted.  If you already retract your shoulder blades, then try playing around with how much you depress or elevate your scapulae when setting up.  I personally feel a bit of shoulder discomfort when retracting and depressing my scapulae, but my shoulders feel great with retraction and very slight elevation.

  2. Make sure you’re doing pulling movements (like rows and pull-ups) to provide stability for the joint.  If your shoulders are bugging you, make sure you’re doing at least one set of upper body pulling for each set of pressing.

  3. Train your external rotators through a fair amount of internal rotation.  This movement is my go-to.  Not only do your external rotators need to be strong, but they also need to be extensible enough to allow your shoulders to get into enough internalrotation.  This movement will help you strengthen and mobilize your external rotators in the plane you’ll be benching.

  4. Add in some push-ups with scapular protraction at the top (often called “push-ups plus“).  This will help train your serratus anterior, which aids in stabilizing your scapulae.  Most people neglect their serratus anterior to their own detriment (although if you’re already doing other pressing movements that allow your scapulae to move freely – like overhead press or dips – you’re probably fine).

  5. Add in some incline curls and light flyes.  A lot of lifters get tight pecs and biceps, and loosening them up while building a little more strength through a longer-than-necessary range of motion can work wonders.  With the incline curls, pull your shoulder blades together, push your chest high, and turn your palms out a little bit (instead of letting them face straight ahead).  You should feel a good stretch in your biceps as you lower each rep.  Don’t cheat range of motion on these, and make sure you’re getting a solid stretch for 2-3 seconds on each rep.  For the flyes, be conservative with loading.  I generally don’t go over 20-25lbs, even with a bench in the mid 400s; you want to be able to stretch your pecs to make sure they have more than enough range of motion for the bench press, without putting a ton of extra stress on your shoulders.  Play around with how much you abduct your shoulders to see where you get the best stretch, and lower each rep to the point that you feel a slight stretch, holding the stretched position for 2-3 seconds.  Try to get a bit lower on each rep if possible.  For both of these movements, sets of 15-20 tend to work best to allow enough loading that you can actually stretch the muscle and have a meaningful training effect without adding too much stress to the joints.

power lifting

Incline curls: my go-to biceps exercise for happy elbows with heavy bench training.


Many elbow issues start as shoulder issues, even without shoulder pain.  If the shoulders won’t internally rotate enough, that can stress the medial side of the elbow.  If your elbows bug you a bit when you bench press regularly, but you can reverse-grip bench (with your shoulders externally rotated) pain-free, then your elbow issue is likely starting at your shoulder.  If that’s the case – medial elbow pain that goes away or is significantly diminished with pressing with a neutral or underhand grip – then give the recommended exercises above a shot.

If it’s some tenderness more on the back side of your elbow, right on your olecranon or just above it, then it’s probably triceps tendonitis.  For tendonitis, rest is your ally; avoid heavy pressing for a few weeks, and then ease back into it slowly.  While you’re away from heavy pressing, some eccentric training can be beneficial (this article talks a bit about mechanisms; this isn’t a rehab article, but if you’re interested in pursuing this topic further, just pubmed search “tendonitis eccentric exercise” or “tendinopathy eccentric exercise” and lots of great info will come up).  This is easiest to do with a training partner and exercise machines.  Get your partner to help you raise the weight, and then lower it under control (2-3 second eccentric) by yourself.  Start with a weight where you’ll be below your pain threshold (half the weight you’d generally use for that exercise is a good starting point) when lowering the load, and get your partner to help you enough on the concentric that you stay below your pain threshold while lifting the load as well.

Time away from heavy pressing coupled with eccentric exercise can help pec tendonitis as well.

The final common issue people have when benching is discomfort at the biceps insertion (near the elbow on the front side).  The same basic strategy (rest and eccentric exercise) can help this issue as well.  Once your biceps insertion starts feeling more comfortable, add in the incline curls to make sure the muscle stays loose and strong through a full range of motion.  Once it’s feeling 100% again, add in regular training for your biceps, just as you’d train your triceps.  Anecdotally, biceps pain when benching tends to be most common with powerlifters who have really strong triceps, but who tend to neglect their biceps.

Final disclaimer:  I’m not a physical therapist, and everything in this section should simply be taken as my observations from biomechanical reasoning, my own training, and from the clients I’ve worked with.  Don’t take any of it to be a hard-and-fast prescription.  If you’re in quite a bit of discomfort when benching, see a physical therapist.


How do I choose a grip width?  What are the pros and cons to each?


For strength, the name of the game is troubleshooting.

Odds are, your strongest grip right now will simply be the one you’ve used the most up to this point, since strength is quite specific. You’re simply the most skilled with the grip you use the most often.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your current grip gives you the most potential to be the strongest.

Most (though not all) world-class benchers bench with a wide grip.  In fact, most of them bench with the maximum legal grip width with their pointer fingers on the grip rings – 81cm apart.

It makes sense that a wide grip should be the strongest grip.  Range of motion will be shorter, though that isn’t a huge issue since fatigue likely won’t play a role in a 1rm attempt.  However, horizontal abduction and shoulder extension range of motion will also be shortened at the bottom of the lift, and that is likely meaningful and beneficial.  Additionally, with a wide grip, you naturally won’t touch the bar quite as low on your chest, which makes the lift a bit easier on your front delts.  Furthermore, with a wide grip, the midrange and lockout will generally be easier as well, since the pecs won’t be quite as shortened (closer to resting length = capable of producing more force) since a wide grip inherently means the shoulders will be more horizontally extended at any given point in the movement.

However, a wide grip may not be strongest for you.  To troubleshoot, simply work up to around 80% of your max with your strongest grip.  Then do 2-3 singles with a grip that’s 1-2 inches wider.  Then do 2-3 singles with a grip that’s 1-2 inches narrower. Did either of those grips feel almost as strong as your typical grip, in spite of having not practiced with it?  If so, stick with that for about half of your pressing for a month or two (you can just alternate it with your normal grip, trading off each set).  If your strength with your new grip surpasses your strength with current grip width, stick with it, and experiment even further in that direction (i.e. if 1 inch wider than your prior grip was stronger, try 2-3 inches wider next).  If not, stick with your current grip width and experiment in the other direction.

For building muscle, a more moderate grip is probably better as a default grip width – maybe 1.5x shoulder width, which works out to around pinky fingers on the grip rings for most people.  This will allow a slightly longer range of motion than benching with a wide grip, which is probably going to be better for hypertrophy.  For the same reason, I think a lot of powerlifters should get a decent amount of their bench volume with a grip slightly narrower than the one they compete with as well.

In general, benching with a wide grip allows most people to lift more weight, it’s generally easier on the elbows, but it may not be quite as good for building muscle (due to limited ROM) and may increase risk of shoulder impingement (since your shoulders will be slightly more abducted).

On the other hand, benching with a narrower grip probably won’t let you lift as much weight, but it may be a better overall mass builder due to the increased range of motion.  Your shoulder impingement risk is probably lower with a closer grip, but the movement may be rougher on your elbows, and anterior shoulder stress is quite a bit higher since shoulder flexion demands will typically be higher.


What should I do about wrist pain?


First things first, check your wrist position.  If they’re cocked back, then just sit the bar a bit lower in your palm and don’t cock your wrists back quite as much.

If issues persist, get some wrist wraps.  That should fix the issue.

If the pain is on the thumb side of your wrist, consider bringing your grip in a little bit.  The wider the grip, the greater the odds are of a tendon getting pinched on the medial side of your wrist, or the medial side of the joint just getting compressed uncomfortably.


Should I mix things up with incline and decline?


Incline press will train your front delts slightly harder than flat bench will, and maybe your upper pecs as well. However, based on the available research, it seems like incline still doesn’t challenge your upper pecs quite as much reverse grip benching with a wide grip does.  This matches my own experience as well. Incline press never seems to make my upper chest super sore, but if I reverse grip bench after a couple of months away from the movement, my upper pecs always get outrageously sore.

If at all possible, incline press with a low incline (15-30 degrees) if you’re primarily incline pressing to train your pecs.  Most incline benches at commercial gyms are at a 45-degree angle, which seems to shift way too much of the emphasis to your delts.  If your gym has adjustable DB benches and a power rack, you can do low incline press out of the rack, though.  In my bro-certified opinion, this makes the movement a better pec developer and doesn’t strain the shoulder joint quite as much.

In my personal opinion, decline press is primarily an ego lift.  It can be a solid bench substitute for some people with shoulder problems since it’s easier to naturally limit range of motion, but for most people it doesn’t have much of a payoff.  The range of motion is shorter and muscle activation in the prime movers is either the same or lower across the board when compared to flat bench.  Dips are a much better movement to train your pecs and triceps at that pressing angle since your scapulae can still move freely, and since you can achieve greater range of motion.

This excerpt was written by Greg Nuckols

For the full article, click on his name!

June 28, 2016 by Iron Tanks

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