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Your One-Stop Provider of Precision Workout Clothing

Since 2010, Iron Tanks Gym Gear has operated with a sole focus at heart: helping gym lovers around the world take their workouts to the next level. As a dedicated team of gym professionals who understand the dynamics of efficient fitness clothing, we work with the aim of giving you everything you need to step it up and make your workout something to be admired.

We provide an extensive range of gym apparel for gym junkies, powerlifters and bodybuilders both in Australia and internationally. We believe that to truly create the best fitness apparel available on the market you need to have an understanding of the science behind working out – something we have put down to a fine art here at Iron Tanks.

Our gym clothes are available to buy right here at our online store and in selected retailers throughout Australia and overseas.

A Highly Innovative Selection of Fitness Wear

As specialists in revolutionised gym gear, Iron Tanks utilise only the most innovative, cutting-edge fabrics and technology when developing our product range. We understand your needs when it comes to workout clothing that not only feels comfortable during a session, but also helps you to push your workout to new extremes.

Our dedicated team of gym-loving designers work closely with other workout fanatics to develop a range of fitness apparel that is perfect for a seasoned bodybuilder or a gym newcomer. Regardless of your time in the gym, our specialised fitness wear will help you on the way to getting that body you have always dreamed of.

Australian Gym Wear and Powerlifting Apparel That Lasts

On your hunt for high-quality gym apparel and workout clothes in Australia, there are quite a few aspects to keep an eye on. Because of this, it can become overwhelming to find the right fit and level of support you need. With so many options on the market, knowing what works and what doesn’t is all about of the process; luckily, we’ve made the hunt easy for you, with helpful guidance and information available on all of our innovative workout clothing options.

Whether you’re after lift wear or a complete revamp of your gym clothing options – our collection is designed to deliver you premium-level products that are crafted with quality in mind. Looking good is feeling good, and Iron Tanks work hard to help you on the journey to a new level of self-confidence through top-tier fitness wear and accessories.

Buy Workout Clothes and Lifting Apparel at Our Online Store

Browse our online store, where you will find revolutionary gym gear for men, women, experienced gym pros and casual workout lovers. Our range covers clothing, shoes, belts, wraps and a whole lot more, as it is our goal to become the comprehensive provider of your workout ensemble. Remember, the more uniform your fitness apparel is, the better the workout, and Iron Tanks have everything you need to make your workout a well-oiled machine. Feel like you could use a bit more direction on your journey of discovering fresh gym wear online? Get in touch with our supportive team in Australia now.