The team of gym professionals at Iron Tanks Gym Gear found a problem with the current standard of lifting equipment on the market. We found that products, in particular elbow and knee sleeves, were lacking the quality to provide a robust and effective lift. Our beloved community of gym professionals and enthusiasts from Australia and around the world came to us to voice their concerns. They were looking for knee sleeves that provided full support, warmth, compression and, of course, the ability to lift a heavier weight.

We didn’t hesitate to go to work on creating the ultimate knee sleeves. Our team of design experts worked tirelessly to create a range of knee sleeves that enable a safe, stabilised and powerful lift. We put in hours of intensive research to develop the product, finding the perfect materials and utilising state of the art design principles to create sleeves that will take your workout to new extremes.


As a team of lifters ourselves, Iron Tanks understands the finer details of producing apparel to boost performance and aid recovery. Through consultations with our extensive community of lifters and our dedication to producing top class apparel, we can proudly say we have developed a line of clothing and apparel that can help you take your workout to new plateaus.

The same goes for our range knee sleeves. Trust the professional Iron Tanks name to produce reliable sleeves that provide full support, warmth, compression and an incredibly powerful bolster to

When you purchase well-made knee sleeves in Australia, you’re equipping your body a sleeve that’s designed to support your performance and proper technique. Offering valuable compression capabilities, these pieces increase blood flow and decrease pain and inflammation in the joints around the area itself. During a workout, you’ll be less likely to incur discomfort that holds you back from achieving more and going harder – all through our nifty knee sleeves available across Australia.   

We are proud of what we do here at Iron Tanks, and we know that our range of high-quality knee sleeves will help you reach new levels of workout capacity.


Think you’ve found the perfect knee sleeves for your weightlifting needs? Great, whilst you’re at it, consider completing the ensemble with the extensive range of Iron Tanks gym clothing and equipment. With everything from singlets to belts, levers and gym bags, you will find a comprehensive range of products that will not only enhance your workout but make you look great in the process.