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The right pair of gym shoes are imperative to an athlete’s performance. Without the proper support, materials and design, a lifter’s performance can be seriously inhibited, not to mention dangerous. The team of fitness professionals at Iron Tanks have spent countless hours refining and innovating our range of body-building, powerlifting and weightlifting shoes – available across Australia.

On the market today, there are plenty of options to choose from, but not all of them are made equal. Supportive materials and fabrics are critical for a well-crafted design, and there are a number of details to keep an eye on when you’re on the hunt for a new pair of weightlifting shoes in Australia.

To assist you in seeking out the ideal set, keep an eye on details such as:

  • A stiff heel that offers stability;
  • A higher boot, if you’re looking for extra security;
  • Shoe straps if you’d like maximum support;
  • A wider toe box for a better toe splay;
  • An elevated heel; however, this will vary according to your needs, and isn’t mandatory.

We left absolutely no stone unturned. From the breathable mesh, to the unrelenting grip and support, to the stylish aesthetic – we have done everything necessary to produce the perfect collection of gym shoes. Iron Tanks believe in putting in the hours to produce unbeatable quality, and the same goes for our workout shoes.

Fitness professionals the world over are turning to the Iron Tanks label for their shoes. With the knowledge that a community of body-builders, powerlifters and weightlifters work tirelessly to refine our collection, Iron Tanks has become a stalwart of supreme design.


With body-building, and weightlifting at the forefront of our design module, Iron Tanks have purpose-built a collection of powerlifting shoes that are superior in comfort. Not only this, their dynamic design allows for optimised performance across a diverse range of workout systems. From the early design process through to the selection of materials and implementation of designs, we stop at nothing to ensure that our beloved community of athletes can rely on the quality of our apparel.

You will find a diverse range of gym shoes, available for delivery both in Australia and overseas. Whatever your workout requires, our shoes provide. Comfort, support, performance and power are the four corners of our collection, and we have worked hard to create a perfect combination of them.


The right pair of gym shoes require the full ensemble. You can find that right here at Iron Tanks. There is no point in getting the right footwear if your workout is diminished by an incomplete training arsenal. Therefore, the workout professionals at Iron Tanks have designed a comprehensive collection of workout apparel and powerlifting shoes for you to enjoy – no matter your goals and objectives. From tanks to tops, pants to shorts, our collection of workout gear is purpose-designed to help fulfil the potential of an outstanding workout.

With aesthetic appeal meeting optimised performance, the collection of workout clothing available at Iron Tanks is perfect for helping you take your routine to grand new heights.


It’s understandable that you might have some questions regarding the footwear available at Iron Tanks. Don’t worry, our team is always here to help. We will happily answer any questions you have regarding the collection of footwear available at our online store, and help you decide which pair is most suitable for your workout.

Call us directly on +61 3 9007 0557 or consult our support community. Here you will find a plethora of information regarding workout apparel, including our range of body-building, powerlifting and weightlifting shoes.