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Legacy 8mm 2" Lever Bench Belt - Black

$94.95 AUD

Legacy 8mm 2" Lever Bench Belt - Black

$94.95 AUD

Size Chart

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Introducing the Iron Tanks Legacy 2'' bench belt belt – constructed from the toughest split cowhide suede leather to last you the duration of your training days! Ergonomic design ensures incredible lumbar and core support during heavy lifting / pressing.  

Bench belts are thinner and are easier to wear while benching and won't impede on your back arch. It will also keep your bench shirt in place during competition.

Whether you’re bodybuilding, weightlifting or power lifting – our belts will cater to your needs!

Product Features:

  • 7mm thickness
  • 2” width
  • Perfect width for maximum comfort on the bench press.
  • Built “Fe” tough! 100% Money back guarantee!
  • Competition Grade

Sizing Details:

Full guide can be viewed HERE

Step 1

  • Obtain a flexible measuring tape. Measure your relaxed stomach (as per photo in the size chart). Do not push outwards or suck inwards. Do not pull tightly on the measuring cord.

Step 2

  • Open up the product size chart (each model belt has their own chart) and select a belt size, where you fit closest to the middle of its range. This will allow you to move up or down in size when and if required.

Step 3

  • There may be times, where some customers will not be in the middle setting of the belt. In these situations, you will find that you can fit into two belt sizes;
a) You could purchase a smaller belt, but fit into the higher setting range
b) You could purchase a larger belt, but fit into the lower setting range
  • In these situation, please consider your future goals and plans. If you intend to;
c) Stay the same or decrease around the stomach, we would recommend the smaller belt.
d) Stay the same or increase around the stomach, we would recommend the larger belt.

Step 4
  • Please remember to add a lever buckle of your choice to your cart.

Other Information:

  • This listing is for a LEVER BELT ONLY.
  • A lever buckle IS NOT INCLUDED with this listing.
  • A lever buckle is required, in order to use and operate this belt.
  • We currently sell three series of lever buckles, which come in a variety of colours and finishes. All three series of lever buckles are compatible with any of our lever belts.
  • Please remember to add to cart a lever buckle of your choice.
  • Our range of lever buckles can be viewed HERE.
  • Read why our buckles are sold separately HERE.
  • Purchase with peace of mind - money back guaranteed!