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Liquid Power Gym Chalk - 50mL

$12.95 AUD

Liquid Power Gym Chalk - 50mL

$12.95 AUD

This product is unavailable

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The Iron Tanks liquid gym chalk is a suitable replacement for traditional chalk blocks. You get all the added benefits of standard lifting chalk, without the mess! This means no chalky residue on equipment, the floor, your clothing and gym bag!

Chalk is an essential part of your training arsenal. It provides superior grip strength, prevents excessive perspiration on the hands which can hamper your grip and impede training progress.

Product Features:

  • 100% Pharmaceutical grade premium liquid chalk
  • Suitable for all lifting applications such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, gymnastics and any sport where grip is essential
  • 50mL portable bottle
  • Comes with handy carabiner clip
  • No mess
  • Fast drying
  • Enhanced grip
  • Sweat resistant

Application Instructions:

  • Shake bottle well
  • Apply a small amount on the palm of the hand
  • Spread (not rub) onto hands and evenly coat palm and fingers
  • Allow to dry

Other Information:

  • Can be used as a stand alone product or in conjunction with traditional chalk blocks.
  • Read label for safety information and directions of use