Olympic Lifting Belts

Iron Tanks has been working tirelessly to develop a collection of Olympic weightlifting belts that maximise efficiency and effectiveness. After thousands of hours testing, refining and innovating our collection, we have developed what we believe to be the perfect Olympic belt. With more give than the strenuous power lifting range, the Olympic belt is a versatile, dynamic variety for those looking to maximise comfort during their workout.

Not only are our range of Olympic lifting belts perfect for squats and dead lifts, but they are also suitable for lifting where extra support is required. Seated rows, hammer curls and leg lunges are just some of the exercises that the Olympic will assist you with. You will find this belt to be one of the most dynamic you have ever used, and this comes down to the tireless efforts of our team to produce a belt that can be used across an entire workout.

Why Buy Olympic Weightlifting Belts with Iron Tanks?

Iron Tanks consists of a community of workout professionals whose mission it is to create workout gear that maximises workout potential whilst providing ultimate safety. We work hard to develop and innovate. Once we have concluded the design process of a piece of apparel or equipment, we stop at nothing to ensure it is produced using only the finest and toughest materials.

The result? Some of the finest gym equipment available on the Australian (and international) market. The same goes for our collection of Olympic lifting belts. Here you will find a fantastic collection of belts that are sure to suit your workout needs. Find the belt that is perfect for your workout and see why Iron Tanks is a trusted name for fitness professionals around the world.

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Iron Tanks has a comprehensive collection of workout equipment and apparel. Each item has been uniquely and vigorously tested to ensure its capabilities. From shirts to shoes, bands to belts and much more, you will find the most extensive and high quality collection of performance gear available in the industry. Iron Tanks is here for you, we welcome you to our community, and we’re here to help you achieve the best results.