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IPF Approved Wrist Wraps

The team of bodybuilders, weightlifters and professional athletes recognised an issue in the lifting community. The quality of wrist wraps was declining and true lifters were struggling to find wraps that would help take their workout to the next level. This is where the team at Iron Tanks decided to jump in and design a collection of IPF approved wrist wraps that stabilise the wrist joint and assist with heavier lifting loads during those brutal sessions.

Wrist wraps are vital for any proper lifter searching to take their powerlifting regimen to new heights of excellence. They not only provide the durability needed to help lift heavier weights, but they also ensure that your wrists are secure, stabilising the joint and minimising the risk of injury during a session.

When we realised the lifting community was becoming increasingly disappointed with the quality of wrist wraps available, we quickly went to work on producing a collection of wraps that our beloved community would be proud to take to the gym with them.

Why Choose Iron Tanks for IPF Approved Gear?

Iron Tanks consists of a team of professional athletes and lifters who are dedicated to helping our community thrive and work to their full potential. Therefore, when we go to work on producing any of our IPF approved gear, including wrist wraps, we pull no punches to ensure the finest materials are used in a way that will help the lifter exceed their own expectations.

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Iron Tanks Gym Gear provides athletes with a comprehensive collection of lifting clothes, equipment and accessories. We want to be the place you go to when you know you will find quality, and we are certain we are just that. From our extensive range of mens and womens clothing, including hoodies, tees, singlets, shorts, pants and shoes, to our IPF approved gear and slick accessories, Iron Tanks truly is the place to go for superior technology and advanced designs.

Find it all right here at Iron Tanks – the world’s newest pioneer in lifting apparel.