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Top Class IPF Lifting Apparel

Iron Tanks Gym Gear is dedicated to producing lifting apparel of the highest calibre. We work hard to produce gym clothing, equipment and accessories that aid an athlete in producing the cleanest, safest and most efficient lifts possible. We produce IPF approved lifting gear that is fully compliant with all rules and regulations, ready to help you break new records.

Our team of dedicated and experienced designers work closely with the Iron Tanks’ community of powerlifters, bodybuilders and athletes, producing a line of IPF lifting gear for the modern athlete to utilise for optimal efficiency.

Our Range of IPF Approved Lifting Wear

Iron Tanks designs and develops a comprehensive range of high-performance, purpose-built IPF approved lifting apparel, including:

  • Powerlifting Belts: The superior range of powerlifting belts produced by Iron Tanks utilise the finest design principles and materials to ensure a strong, safe and effective lift. The added support provided by the sturdy belt assists lifters in handling heavier weights with greater ease.
  • IPF Lever Buckles: The strength and durability of the high-performance lever buckles produced by Iron Tanks ensure an optimal lift whilst minimising the threat of injury. Refined over time, Iron Tanks’ collection of lever buckles have become a top choice for athletes around the world.
  • Wrist Straps: Incorporating a variety of different materials each fulfilling a specific purpose, the Iron Tanks wrist straps are perfect for adding support and stability during those heavy lifting routines.
  • Knee Sleeves: Knee sleeves add stability and compression to a lifter’s routine, minimising the risk of injury and assisting in the production of a strong lift across heavier weight ranges.
  • IPF Soft Suit: The Iron Tanks Soft Suit has been purpose-designed to withstand the intensity of competition, with a superior design for back and chest coverage as well as high density body fabric to maintain compression during lifts.

Browse the comprehensive range of IPF approved lifting gear here at Iron Tanks Gym Gear and find out why we are the trusted name in gym apparel for athletes the world over.