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Iron Deadlift Slippers - Black

$59.95 AUD

Iron Deadlift Slippers - Black

$59.95 AUD

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The Iron Tanks Deadlift Slippers are a completely minimalist design - offering an ultra low profile combined with a unique tacky outsole which provides a better setup than even barefoot lifting!

Using a uniformly flat outsole allows for maximum force transmission from the floor to the barbell, while providing the ultimate grip and security for conventional and sumo deadlifts.

So, what makes the Iron Tanks Deadlift Slippers superior to all the others available?

We've spent considerable time testing deadlift slippers using various combinations of materials to see what works and what doesn't in the gym and on the platform. We've broken it down into 3 parts.

1. The Upper

The majority of deadlift slippers use a metatarsal strap to try prevent lateral displacement of the foot (ie: your foot slipping off the outsole). This occurs when the upper of the slipper is manufactured using an elasticated material that is too stretchy. This is not ideal, especially for those that deadlift in a sumo position. Even with the addition of a metatarsal strap, the foot can easily spill off the outsole and onto the floor. Not ideal at all mid-lift!

2. Tacky Outsole

The majority of slippers are made using either a regular slipper rubber outsole (which is too thick) or, they will use a suede outer. Suede has very little tack on the platform surface, and we found it slip on too many occasions under load. To combat this, our slippers feature a unique wafer thin RB tacky outsole that provides the most grip and traction when compared to any other slipper available.  

3. Soleless Design

We've removed the need for an innersole, which ensures the maximum amount of stability and prevents any unnecessary slippage and movement. Using a soleless design also allows you to be as close to the ground as possible.

Product Features:

  • Firm supportive upper provides security and lockdown on the platform
  • Enhanced tacky outsole for the grippiest Deadlift slipper on the market
  • Designed for conventional and sumo deadlifts
  • IPF approved and compliant (adheres to all IPF rules and regulations)
  • Superior soleless design to prevent slippage
  • Suitable for all surfaces (wood, gym floor rubber etc)
  • Nylon webbing pull on heel for easy on/off application
  • Black colourway
  • Available in 9 sizes

     Sizing Details:

    • For the best fit, please check a current pair of shoes you own (typically runners), note down the 'CM' or 'MM' measurement written on the label and then compare that measurement to our size chart.
    • If you're a half size, select the size up.
    • Slippers will initially feel fitted until they break in, at which point they will conform and mold to your foot perfectly.