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IPF Approved Powerlifting Belts

There is a lot happening down at the Iron Tanks Gym Gear design workshop. We are working around the clock to develop a collection of gym gear that is destined to take each and every athlete’s training routine to new extremes and heights of excellence. We work day-in, day-out, refining our apparel until we are certain that it will do just this.

The same goes for our collection of IPF approved weightlifting belts. Our IPF lever bench belts are all purpose-built to ensure a strong, safe and efficient lift, allowing athletes to dramatically increase their weight lifted in the process. Iron Tanks has a true passion for creating lever bench belts, available in both Australia and overseas that are the best available on the market.

No other belts compare to the tough, sturdy and reliable designs of our collection. With state of the art materials and a design module built for success, you can be confident that when you make the switch to Iron Tanks’ range of IPF powerlifting belts that you will be receiving the full support of a superior product.

Why Choose Iron Tanks for Powerlifting Belts?

Iron Tanks Gym Gear consists of a team of dedicated athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters. We care about our community of athletes and want to make sure that when they lift, they have the full support of a superior product. This means, when we go to work on designing gym apparel, lever belts included, we work tirelessly to refine it – choosing only the finest materials and putting the product down to a fine art.

Check Out Our Extensive Range of IPF Approved Products

The sturdy and reliable IPF approved lever buckles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the superiority of Iron Tanks’ weightlifting apparel and gear. Here you will find a comprehensive range of lifting gear, including straps, lever buckles, compression soft suits and knee sleeves. Furthermore, we have a full range of accessories including gym bags, chalk and gloves.

Iron Tanks Gym Gear is dedicated to helping you reach new heights in lifting – check out our superior range right here.