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IPF Approved Knee Sleeves

The team of professional lifters and design experts at Iron Tanks Gym Gear refuse to compromise on quality. For each and every product we create, we put our minds together to design, refine and produce something brilliant.

Our passion lies in helping our beloved and extensive community of athletes, bodybuilders and lifters take their routine to new levels of excellence and new plateaus.

We think of the minute details of each piece of apparel we create, and the same goes for our IPF approved knee sleeves. The new neo-tech lining incorporated into the design ensures stability, support and compression during those immense lifts. For knee sleeves that produce warmth, promote blood flow and keep the area around the knee joint lubricated, think nothing else but the Iron Tanks’ name.

Why Choose Iron Tanks for Your Knee Sleeves?

It’s simple, really. Iron Tanks is the future of powerlifting. This modern age calls for advanced, superior technology to be utilised in the creation of quality products. There can also be nothing short of precision design when developing top of the range gym apparel; and we pull out all of the stops and all of the research to ensure our IPF approved knee sleeves are the most effective on the market.

We consult with our extensive community of lifters, in Australia and internationally, to refine a product that ensures safety, mobility and stability during brutal, painstaking lifts. For true believers in the craft, the athletes with a profound dedication to athleticism and strength, our knee sleeves are perfect for you.

Check Out Our Extensive Range of products

Iron Tanks Gym Gear is the developer of a comprehensive range of gym apparel. Everything you need to take your workout to new levels and look great in the process is available right here at Ion Tanks. From hoodies to straps, bags, chalk, even soft suits and arm blasters, you will find all right here at Iron Tanks.

We have a dedication to what we do, and part of this dedication lies in ensuring our valued community are receiving products that help them become a better version of themselves than they were yesterday.