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Pro Wrist Wrap Leather Gym Gloves

$9.95 AUD

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State of the Art Gym Gloves

It is vital to have the right clothing and equipment when lifting. Without the right apparel & accessories, you could find yourself underperforming on the gym floor and even run the risk of injury through restriction in range of motion. Furthermore, the apparel you use should be of the highest quality to ensure its durability and sturdiness. Part of every lifter’s arsenal should be a pair of purpose-built gym gloves.

The team at Iron Tanks Gym Gear have developed a range of gym gloves that are sure to provide the support, grip and breathability required to produce a powerful training session. After countless hours of design across a range of gloves to suit different applications, we have produced a collection that is sure to help your workout and prevent the growth of callouses.

Why Choose Iron Tanks for Gym Gloves?

At Iron Tanks, we believe in creating superior quality apparel to ensure a superior quality workout. Our team of design experts and gym professionals consult with our extensive community of athletes to discuss their concerns with the status quo of gym apparel. We listened to your concerns and developed a range of clothing, equipment and accessories that will take your workout to new heights and make you look amazing in the process.

The same goes for our collection of gym gloves. Utilising high quality materials like suede, premium cowhide, leather and spandex as well as the core the design principles of breathability, comfort and callous-prevention; we have developed a collection of gym gloves that you can feel secure to wear during those strenuous workouts.  

Find Everything You Need Here at Iron Tanks

Why stop at gym gloves when creating the perfect workout ensemble? Iron Tanks has a comprehensive range of gym clothing, apparel and accessories for sale right here at our online store. From singlets to hoodies, shoes, belts, levers and IPF-approved powerlifting equipment, we’re sure you will find everything you need to excel your workout and look fantastic in the process.

Iron Tanks Gym Gear is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals as an athlete – browse the amazing range of gym apparel at our online store and find the apparel that will take your routine to new heights.