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Combat Gym Bag - Venom Red

$79.95 AUD


or 4 payments of $19.99 AUD with Afterpay info

Combat Gym Bag - Venom Red

$79.95 AUD


or 4 payments of $19.99 AUD with Afterpay info

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The Combat Gym Bag (Venom Red) is constructed from super heavy 1200D Polyester - this bag is the real deal and looks incredible. Our gym bag is built to last the rigors of years and years of usage.

Product Features:

  • Super heavy 1200D fibre
  • Can be carried via the shoulder strap or via the carry handle
  • Iconic Iron Tanks front and top embroidery, woven iron diamond on each side
  • Multi compartment construction for storage of all utilities
  • Dedicated zipper compartment for shoes keeping them away from your clothes
  • Shaker bottle pocket
  • Reinforced zipper pulls with embossed diamonds and stainless steel clips
  • Plenty of space to store all your gym essentials like lever belts, dipping belts, gym shoes, apparel, supplements and more.
  • Suitable for all sports applications (powerlifting, bodybuilding, soccer, football)
  • Venom red in colour
  • Suitable for both females and males

Sizing Details:

  • Dimensions: 68cm length x 35cm deep x 32cm tall

Other Information:

  • Purchase with peace of mind - money back guaranteed!

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Jessica Johannessen

Absolutely awesome gym bag, biggest i've been able to find! I can easily fit everything i need for a killer session into it.

Taylor Murphy

Nice Bag. Very Durable so far. Design is nice also. Very happy so far.

Keri Forster

I have been training for over 30 years and that makes me a long term customer. I live in the UK but have, over the years, bought or checked out gym clothing and training equipment from what feels like every possible manufacturer / outlet there is all over the world, some good, some bad, most very average. I came across Iron Tanks about a year ago and bought a pair of shorts (didn't want to dive in before seeing the quality of goods). So the shorts were superb, soon I'd bought a gym bag and some gym shoes from Iron Tanks. Every item was of the highest quality and the service was absolutely superb, emails with a personal touch, tracking from Australia to the UK and fast, reliable shipping. Anyway it came time to buy a new lifting belt. In an ideal world I wanted a leather 10mm belt with a firm lateral rigid support that needed no breaking in (so nice and flexible across the length). I also really fancied a lever belt as my hips often bruise with pronged belts on heavy squats. And of course, I wanted the belt to be a gritty good looking beast. So I didn't want much eh? I considered Inzer and Titan and was pretty much sold on the Titan Longhorn (albeit it wasn't a lever it ticked all the other boxes). No word of a lie, I got up for work one morning having made my decision on the belt I'd get and behold, an email from my favourite company, Iron Tanks picturing their brand new 'Hellraiser' lever belt. It was a one piece (so laterally rigid) solid leather belt (10mm or 13mm), a hefty lever (see their break challenge on YouTube) and looked mean (especially in black). I knew anything from Iron Tanks was going to be top quality and would at the very least match Titan or Inzer. Anyway, these hand made beauties were due in at the end of January which gave me a week or so to wait. I bought one. I got the Hellraiser in black and selected the Onyx heavy duty lever. Belt arrived quickly and I cannot even start to explain how good this belt is. It moulds to the back, has a rigid lateral support which gives so much confidence when lifting, it looks amazing (pictures don't do it justice) and is immensely user friendly. After the last rep and between sets there's no more breathing in and trying to wrench a pronged belt off like I used to and drop the belt to the floor gasping for air, oh no, now I coolly flip the lever which loosens the belt and leave it on simply flipping the lever back again when ready for the next set. I've used / borrowed all the top belts and honestly, this is the best and not by a small margin, there is (for me) no competition. I've used the belt for a few weeks now with regular squats and deadlifts. In squatting the belt gives immense confidence and support, in deadlifts there is no riding up the back (unlike many others) and it locks in for perfect support ensuring the back is straight. I am so chuffed with this belt and glad I got their advertising email before I bought a different one and would have made a bog mistake. If you are after a good belt (and every lifter should be no matter what the weight you lift is) then this is the belt to get.

Jason Williams

IronTanks - Built for Strong!

I had my doubts when my new gym bag rocked up. Would it work as well as my trusty old canvas duffle for storing my Strongman gear (and believe me...there's a fair bit of gear) and would it handle the abuse? So I stocked it with all I had. Oly shoes and deadlift shoes, soft belt, oly belt, lever belt, wrist wraps, knee sleves, elbow sleeves, tacky, chalk, deep heat and much more. At the end of storing I found I still had room for a 3kg tub of protein! The bag is sturdy with solid Zippers, amazing canvas construction, cool colour and ample storage space for everything the hard training Strength athlete requires!! WA's Second Strongest Man (under 90kg) approves!! Cheers IronTanks!!

Scott Long

Size Matters!

The size of this bag combined with the number of internal and external storage pockets makes it the best gym bag I've ever seen! I will ammend my rating depending on the longevity of the bag