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Be Comfortable and Stylish in Iron Tanks Gym Apparel

Show Off the Stunning Body You’ve Worked Hard to Achieve in the Hottest Iron Tanks Gym Gear and Apparel

People do exercise regularly not only to look good.

They also do it to develop strength, build strong bones and strengthen muscles. Moreover, cardio is amazing at keeping your heart healthy and sustaining the burning of excess fat.

Given this, it’s safe to say that there’s a multitude of reasons to motivate you to go to the gym regularly.

But as you achieve that perfect body, let our amazing clothes accentuate your curves and enhance the look of that figure.     

Iron Tanks gym gear and apparel is a major retailer designed to do just that. We offer high-quality, designer gym fashion unlike anything else in the market.

From tank tops, short-sleeve comfort sweaters, gorgeously-patterned leggings to comfortable cool shorts, our merchandise can keep you feeling great while you form your powerful, athletic body.

Hot Men’s Apparel

Dress for fitness success with these awesome gym essentials.

  1. Marauder Stringer Singlet

Marauder Stringer SingletStart off your wardrobe with this classic. Such popular gym tanks, equipped with slim shoulder straps and a Y-back design, were made popular by iconic muscle-building greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. The little material around the shoulders provides ample space for showing your growing muscular shoulders and pecs. Made with 100% of only the finest cotton that provides both comfort and style, this piece will surely become your favorite new gym top.

  1. BFG Heavy Rag Top

BFG Heavy Rag TopAnother classic, this sleeveless garment (featuring classic the “sawn off” armholes)  keeps you relaxed for your next power lift meet or during an intense cardio circuit. The loose fit flatters your masculine built while keeping you cool and comfortable, owed to its French terry cotton blend. Moreover, the scoop neck gives a great hint of your developed upper pecs and exposed collarbone, further enhancing your shape.

  1. N1 Classic Gym Shorts

N1 Classic Gym ShortsStart off leg day with a pair of shorts that look like a perfect addition to a round in the boxing ring. These lightweight shorts fall to about mid-thigh, keeping you comfortable while allowing for maximum maneuverability. An essential item, especially during the warmer summer months, these 100% cotton gym shorts let your skin breathe while you sweat. Plus, they come equipped with a variety of pockets - one rear zipper pocket for storing valuables and two side pockets  for holding music players. Let these stunners show off those masculine, toned legs while you set off into a crazy squat and deadlift rage!

  1. Vanity V2 Gym Shorts

Vanity V2 Gym ShortsKick off your workout with a set of these stunning gym shorts. Let out your inner bodybuilder in these polyester micro-stretch shorts, perfect for easy flexibility and greater returns on your hard work. With added features including a rear pocket for storage and a quick drawstring tie for a comfortable, adjustable fit, any man will be happy to wear such versatile merchandise. Whether indoors at the gym or outdoors in the sunshine, these trunks are your new essential exercise item. Bring out your inner beast with these stellar gym basics and show everyone the masculine, rugged body you’ve been working to achieve.

Hot Women’s Apparel

Women at the gym are working just as hard to create a rockin’ bod. Iron Tanks carries a hot line of women’s wear to cater to their needs as well.

  1. Climaxx-Air Longsleeve Top

Climaxx-Air Longsleeve TopThis top is a poly-spandex blend that’s both great for function and style but style. Our 4-way knit fabrics ensure spectacular maneuverability and keeps you sweat-free with quick-dry technology. Thus, getting your sweat on doesn’t have to be a burden anymore! Its colours won’t fade so the cool prints and patterns won’t lose their charm, while the form-fitting fabric lets you move during an intense cardio session. As a bonus, the long-sleeved, full-bodied shape gives women with large busts optimal support while they move.

  1. Climaxx Leggings in Insidious

Climaxx Leggings in Insidious There’s no need to sacrifice great style in lieu of greater function, and these leggings are a great example! Their edgy look makes you want to dive in and train your hardest. The new-tech fabric works amazingly in keeping sweat at bay while still maintaining its stretch and form-fitting fabric. Working through insane bouts of cardio requires some reliability and you’ll get that in spades with these fun and dependable performance leggings.

  1. Climaxx Leggings in Terminator

Climaxx Leggings in TerminatorAdd these fun and exciting leggings to your collection and display your inner machine by slaying in the weight room! With hot patterns hand-drawn and digitally printed on high-quality new-age technology fabric leggings, you won’t ever want to take these off. Show your skill and determination in gear that’s designed to help improve your performance, great in keeping you feeling cool while keeping your blood pumping and letting you unleash your inner beast in style!

  1. Iron Lady Tank Top

Iron Lady Tank TopA perfect set of leggings are nothing without a matching set of proper tank tops to go with them. Try something like the gym singlet style in the color black. A true lady of power needs the right apparel to demonstrate her skill and confidence in her body. This cotton-spandex blend tank does just that, with the prominent Iron Lady logo emblazoned across the chest. This top’s breathable cloth keeps you cool as you pumping iron, while the simple black hue with the silver, metallic logo gives you a variety of different outfit options. Wear this tank top again and again to show off your lean, toned physique.

  1. Ladies Vanity Gym Shorts

Ladies Vanity Gym ShortsAn awesome pair of fitness shorts is necessary for extreme cardio days, and these are a modern, hip answer to your needs. Be proud of those killer lean legs when you bounce into leg day wearing these bright, stylish shorts. Allow yourself perfect comfort and flexibility in this top-notch Iron Lady material, a perfect match to your Iron Lady tank! Whether you’ll be jogging along the beach, running through your neighborhood or gunning for a personal best in the gym, these gym shorts will be your training partner. The side openings add a touch of style and breathability as well, finding that wonderful combination of flare and functionality.

Women in the gym can demonstrate their fierce prowess in any number of these impressive gym apparel pieces, perfect for displaying your hard work in building lean muscle mass.

Go To The Gym To Stay Fit. Stay Longer To Show Off Your Hot New Gear!

The benefits of building a strong, muscular body and preventing fat from accumulating are the biggest reasons people hit the gym.

Staying fit and strong can ward off disease, keep your metabolism charged, and allow for higher energy and motivation to work through your day and boundless confidence.

Hitting the gym regularly -- be it for cardio, boxing or weight training, requires dedication and hard-work. Thus, doing so well brings a sense of fulfillment. 

Let Iron Tanks premium gym apparel dress up your healthy physique with undeniable style, functionality and comfort. With innovative technology and reliable fabrics designed for the bodybuilder and gym enthusiast, our merchandise is prepared to handle even the toughest regimens.

So go all in on those barbells. End up drenched in sweat during a savage workout.

No matter what your preference, Iron Tanks has got you covered. We understand what it takes for the right clothing to get the job done, and we put these elements into every one of our products.

Shop Iron Tanks today and see for yourself!

5 Weightlifting Techniques To Make You Stronger

It is enjoyable watching an athlete kick a football, manipulate a hockey stick or dribble a basketball. This kind of skill is a product of hours at practice and hours at the gym and on field.

Practice and sound fundamentals determine how you react to in-game situations. But refining skill takes time.   

This theory should also apply to weightlifting. In a perfect world, all gym lovers would workout, advance safely, and build their maximum power to push heavier loads without the risk of injury or using compensation patterns that won’t work to their benefit.

But in reality, this rarely happens. An exercise buff’s success depends how well he executes every rep. Plus, you want to perfect your weight lifting techniques to build muscle and minimise the risk of injury. To achieve this, we suggest that you follow these techniques:


The most common problem in doing a deadlift is the excessive pressure a trainee puts on their spine instead of having their hip carry much of the weight.  

weightlifting technique

Deadlift instructions
  • Keep your spine aligned straight and force the movement all the way from your hips.
  • Get the bar close to your shin as you begin the motion and keep your shin upright without having your knee positioned in front of the weight’s bar.
  • While standing, suck in a deep breath - hold - grab the bar, and then drive up without over-extending during lockout.



Even though most trainees consider the barbell back squat a traditional and “basic” workout, most weightlifters often perform it incorrectly.

The most common problems with squats include:

  • Lifting on a rounded back,
  • Risk of valgus knee collapse and
  • Most lifters failing to reach insufficient depth.

weightlifting technique

The Goblet Squat Instructions
  • Hold a dumbbell laterally in front of your chest with both elbows pointed downward
  • Sit stuck between your feet with your chest out/up
  • Squat ass-to-ground with the hip-crease aligned below your knee-crease
  • Finish with both elbows on the inner part of your thighs
  • Carefully allow your upper body to slightly lean forward so you can maintain steadiness on your mid-foot
  • Don’t let your back to arch forward - stay rigid throughout the lift
  • Progress to heavier dumbbells over time


Shoulder Pack

The shoulder pack is crucial for lifters who carry out upper body routines for shoulder health.

When packing your shoulders, pull them to your body, in the direction of your adjacent hip pockets. This will enhance scapular stability and will also prevent poor body posture and improve your performance in all the lifts including lower body workouts.

Shoulder Packing Instructions
  • Draw your shoulders in the direction of your opposite hip pockets when pulling in a vertical or horizontal directions.
  • Repeat this shoulder pack when pressing in the vertical or horizontal directions
  • Finally, cue shoulder packs when carrying out Squats, Kettlebell, Deadlifts, Swings, and any other lower body lifts.


Neutral Spine

By now, you must know that full range sit-ups are outdated and that they exert excess stress to the spine. That’s why you need the neutral spine position in all exercises. Regrettably, most trainees can’t achieve and maintain it.

Front Plank with Pelvic Rotation Instructions

  • Get into the usual front plank on your toes and elbows.
  • Move through as you ensure full lumbar hyperextension and hyperflexion by rotating your pelvis.
  • Squeeze glutes and find a neutral position between the two extremes you moved in the previous step.
  • You can apply this exercise to all of your lifts to reduce your risk of injury and keep a strong back.

Hip Hinge Pattern

For athletes who perform Kettlebell Swings, Deadlifts and Olympic lifts, the hip hinge is a very useful exercise. The hip hinge helps improve the posterior string (including hamstrings, glutes, hamstrings and back extensors), without back extension.

Instructions for Hip Hinge Drill on a Standing Position
  • Stand with your feet placed 8-10” apart.

  • Place one of your hands on your stomach and the other on your lower back .

  • Slightly bend both of your knees.

  • Push your hips back while bowing forward until you feel a pull on your hamstrings as you approach 90 degrees.

  • Ensure you back is flat and not round.

It is important to learn and master these movements, and apply them to your day to day training. With the above routines, you will become stronger over time.

If you're after the best in gym, bodybuilding and fitness wear you have come to the right place. Forged for longevity, our gym gear is built iron tough. Buy gym clothing at Iron Tanks!

June 19, 2017 by Iron Tanks