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New gear, plenty to see here.

Friends, so much in the pipelines here at Iron Tanks.

Soon, we will be releasing our new arctic white and pitch black Orion Gym Shoe. Upgrades include a new Ox-F mesh fabric and rear leather backing, Much like the original Orion, still perfect for squats, deadlifts, leg presses and any other indoor sporting activity - commonly also used by mixed martial artists and boxers too.

A new set of cotton tracksuit pants also looms, we will be releasing new photos of these bad boys soon. They look great, and they're created to match your high tops with a cuffed bottom. These will be perfect for casual wear or training.

We're also about to release some awesome mid-length cotton shorts, photos of these up soon. They will feature a super soft cotton blend with plenty of room and no restriction whilst training. They will also be suitable for casual wear. We cannot wait to get these out.


A new t-shirt with our new stamp, as well as an awesome rear graphic will also make its way to us shortly! We've added the "Is It Massive In Here" comedy gym singlet to our t-shirt range which will also be available at the same time.

Finally, the women will get some love. We will be releasing some racerback tank tops for the ladies as well as capri / leggings with a new supplex fabric. Soon to follow will be some nice gym shorts in a micorfibre fabric.


Our products currently out of stock such as our rag tops and certain colours of sleeveless hoodies will also make a return. We'll inform everyone ASAP.


Gym World

We'll endeavor to make weekly posts to update all our fans about what's hot and what's not, as well as answering questions we receive by the dozen via email.


In the meantime, check out THIS video of Arnold Schwarzenegger going undercover at Gold's gym. Hilarious!

Quick update for our fans!

 Hey guys & gals - we're super busy here, but just an update on what's in store over the next few months!

- A whole heap of new gym & fitness accessories, including heavy duty elbow and knee sleeves, 13mm pro lever belts, a whole range of ladies gear (gloves, wraps, grips, belts!) new camo weighted vests in 10kg, new weight vests in 20kg, 24" heavy duty wraps - and the long awaited and anticipated Iron Tanks gym bag so you can carry all your gear!

- On the apparel front, by the end of Jan we'll have all our comedy singlets back in stock, including the sought after "Large & In Charge". We've also got 2 new shorts in the design phase and 2 new singlets. In time for April will be our winter stock, which will include our Iron Mesh variety of track pants, a heavy duty 325gsm fleece hoodie & just because - our new styled camo t-back, with an even thinner back than ever before. We're certain you'll love it.

 We've also had a lot of requests for more colours in our rag tops - and we hear you - we'll be including 2-3 new colours for you guys!

Hopefully you've been well rested & you're making 2013 as big a year as we are!

Stay tuned for more!


Iron Tanks Gym & Fitness

January 09, 2013 by Sam Monea