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Ironclad Ideas To Look Good When Working Out | Iron Tanks

Just because you are working out, pumping iron and breaking into a sweat doesn't mean that you can’t be stylish too!

Even though you are at the gym to get your body into the perfect condition before the summer begins, being comfortable, stylish and trendy can really make a big difference to how you feel when you workout and even enhance your performance to make the most of out your time at the gym.

Comfort and breathability should be your main concern, but finding additions to your gym wardrobe that are up to date with the latest trends is not as difficult as you may think. Follow these tips to find out what to wear, and what not to wear to the gym to improve your awesome-factor!


iron tanks t-shirts

Even though you may be tempted to buy a cheap and comfortable cotton t-shirt for your workout, they are not the best at improving your performance at the gym. Cotton, although a common fabric that is used in everyday apparel, is not ideal for the gym as it absorbs sweat and does not dry quickly, meaning it can even encourage the growth of bacteria and mould.

Choosing a t-shirt that has fitness technological advancements, such a fabrics with a polyester or lycra blend, have moisture wicking properties that draw the moisture away from your body and moves it to the outside of the fabric to keep you cool, dry and even reduces odour.

It is also important to be weary of white t-shirts as these tend to leave yellow underarm stains that will naturally occur over time.


iron tanks shorts

If you are performing a high-intensity workout such as cardio, then it is best to opt for shorts as your chosen pant option, ensuing that they are not too loose and don't go over the knee.

Shorts that are too loose or long can obstruct you from having a full range of movement in your workout. It is best to choose a neutral colour, such as black, that can be paired with any combination of t-shirt that you own to increase the versatility of the item.

Track Bottoms:

 iron tanks track bottoms

A pair of good quality tracksuit bottoms are a staple for any gym wardrobe and is especially versatile in transitioning your summer clothing items into the colder months. Throwing on a pair of track bottoms on your way to and from the gym is a great way of keeping warm. Choosing a pant that is made from a breathable fabric such as wool is essential.


Wearing your track bottoms to the gym is also ideal if you are only working on your upper body whilst still making you look presentable and not like you’re simply lounging on the sofa.



iron tanks gym shoes

Just like in the real world, your choice of sneakers can say a lot about you, so choose wisely! As a general rule of thumb, those who regularly attend the gym or participate in high intensity workouts often, should change their trainers once every six months, to a year. Choosing a trainer that is on trend will boost your cool-factor, but choosing the right sneaker for your workout is even more important. If you are a dedicated lifter or squatter, you want to opt for a sneaker that has a flat sole to maximise your workout, whereas if you participate in a range of exercises from cardio to an occasional spin class, then a cross trainer would be better suited to you.


The Bag:

 iron tanks the gym bag

There are only a few things that are less cool than turning up the the gym with all of your gym gear stuffed into a plastic bag.


Getting yourself a trendy, and sturdy, gym bag is a gym essential. Not only is a gym bag specifically made with compartments to safely store all of your gym essentials, such as headphones and your favourite resistance bands, but having a dedicated gym bag prevents you from having to use your office bag so you can avoid accidentally pulling out your dirty gym shorts along with an important document at your next office meeting!


Along with the right gym bag, your on-trend sneakers and your colour coordinated t-shirt and shorts, it is important to remember that comfort is king! The more relaxed you feel, the more you’ll be prepared to return to the gym more often!