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Gym Wear Essentials for Any Fitness Junkie | Iron Tanks

gym wear

Whether you have just finished pumping iron at the gym or you are getting ready to revamp your workout wardrobe, investing in high quality gear for your workouts can make a big difference to your routine and your confidence.

It all starts with the bag! It may be time to ditch your oversized purse or workbag for the Pro Gym Bag. This premium signature gym bag from Iron Tanks is made from an extremely heavy duty tarpaulin making it the toughest bag on the planet. This spacious bag has 2 side compartments,  1 front compartment and 1 main middle compartment making it big enough to hold all of your gym essentials, including all of your supplements. It features a super reinforced zipper that is durable and is versatile enough to be worn over the shoulder or via the carry handle. This gym bag has been designed so that you will never have to purchase another bag for the entirety of your lifting life!

If you are looking to change your wardrobe by adding a staple pair of shorts that can be worn to the gym as well as out and about, then the BFG Cotton Gym Shorts are for you. These shorts are made in a relaxed fit to offer zero constriction, giving you complete freedom when working out.

Another basic gym essential to add to any fitness junkies wardrobe is a versatile pair of gym pants. The Orion Gym Pants and the Women's Orion Gym Pant not only look great, but feel amazing. These pants are not only warm and comfortable, but because of the specially blended luxe cotton fabric, they are extremely breathable and non restricting. These pants are sure to work with high top gym shoes so you can continue to look stylish and fresh.

During the winter months, a gym hoodie is a complete necessity to get you to and from the gym in warmth. The Iron Pullover Hoodie for the ladies, and the Hulk Fleece Pullover Hoodie V2 for the guys, are the perfect winter gym essentials.

The Iron Pullover has a slim fit to enhance the shape of your womanly figure while the Hulk Fleece has a relaxed fit to increase movement. Both of these hoodies are made from a special blend of cotton fleece to keep you warm whilst still allowing for optimum breathability.

Adding a muscle tank to your collection is a must if you are wanting to lift weights and see your progress as you go! The Iron Muscle Tank that has an athletic design that is durable while promoting comfort and flaunts your physique during your training session. Pair this tank with the Men's Icon Gym Glove to enhance your workout. These gloves are made from a premium ‘Icon’ leather with a spandex back to allow for ventilation to reduce sweaty hands that can affect your grip.

For the active woman, a supporting sports bra is a priceless necessity. The Coral Sports Bra from Iron Tanks combines fashion, style and performance all in one. This sports bra features an X-Strap design that not only looks flattering, but allows for a full range of motion to enhance the performance of your workout.  The fit is extremely supportive and includes removable padded cups for your convenience. This item is built for longevity and is fade resistant so you can be sure that you are receiving a high quality garment for any high intensity workout.

Combine the Coral Sports Bra with a pair of Climaxx Leggings to flawlessly merge style and function. These leggings have a special compression technology that enhance your performance while boosting blood circulation to speed up your recovery process. Embellished with a pleated design and and mesh panels, these leggings dazzle, inspire and perform.