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Iron Tanks - Women's Gym Clothing To Accompany Your Workout

There are a hundred different ways to get in shape, each of which is suited to each womans individual tastes and workout preferences, and each have a type of workout attire to match.

Whether you prefer to work on defining your muscles, enjoy running as a stress relief or attend regular yoga classes, no matter what you pick, it is important to find gym clothing that can accompany your workout. So whatever your preference, Iron Tanks have all of your clothing essentials for any of your favourite activities.


Although they may have started as a yoga staple, activewear leggings have grown into a necessity for any woman's workout routine. Choosing the right leggings can not only boost your performance through compression panels, but can flawlessly flaunt your figure whilst keeping you warmer in the winter months.

The Climaxx Leggings in the Terminator and Insidious Black colourway styles from Iron Tanks are not only stylish, but they enhance your performance while you workout. They feature performance compression technology which offer superior circulation and a speedy recovery. Not only are these prints fade resistant, but they have moisture wicking technology which means that the fabric draws moisture away from your skin to the outside of the fabric to keep you cool and dry. These leggings are also ultra figure flattering with cuts in the fabric to enhance your shape.

Prefer to wear pants at the gym when you are solely focusing on weights? Iron Tanks have the Origins Womens Gym Pants that not only look great, but feel even better. These pants are constructed with a signature cotton-terry fabric blend that is extremely breathable whilst remaining warm. These pants are perfect for the gym or daily wear and feature pockets to keep your valuables safe and close by when working out.


Shorts are an essential for any workout wardrobe! The Impact Gym Shorts are made from an ultra lightweight and luxe signature blend fabric that is 65/35% cotton and polyester, that are practical and stylish. When at the gym, you want shorts that will allow you to reach a full range of motion, whilst still keeping you secure and covered, and with moisture-wicking technology, you can endure those high intensity workouts without the worry of chaffing.

If you prefer the benefits of compression shorts, then the Climaxx Compression Shorts from Iron Tanks is for you! These shorts are made for the woman who loves to train hard and wants only the best to help them achieve their best performance level. The compression technology in these shorts speed up the recovery process and improve blood flow to maximise your time at the gym! The stylish and sexy design of these leggings enhance your figure, are fade resistant and are extremely durable.  


A gym hoodie is a great way to transition your summer workout wardrobe into the colder months. The Woman's Iron Pullover Hoodie is a must have item for any gym junkies wardrobe. These stylish hoodies are not only for training, but are perfect for casual street wear. They are made from an 80/20% cotton fleece polyester fabric that allows you to comfortably move around the gym, even when wearing the hoodie during a workout.
If you prefer a sexier cut to a traditional hoodie, then the Womens Crop Hoodie is for you! This little number is made for the tough ladies who like to show off their physique at the gym while keeping warm.

Tops and sports bras:

Support for your body starts with your bra! Even low-impact exercises can be extremely uncomfortable when you do not have the right support. This is where the Climaxx Sports Bra comes into play. This sports bra features compression technology tha thas moisture-wicking properties, increases blood flow and is extremely durable, making it the only sports bra you will ever need. The front zipper makes it extremely comfortable and easy to take on and off and is form fitting to enhance your curves with a sexy design.

Pair your sports bra with the Woman’s Muscle Tank in cam. It is not only stylish and fashionable, but it is made from a lightweight luxe cotton fabric that is lightweight and can move around with your body, no matter the intensity of your workout.

The Climaxx-Air Longsleeve Top is also extremely durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. This high tech top features a Poly Spandex 4-way knit fabric that is flexible to move around with your body and the quick dry technology allows for a comfortable workout.

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