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Stock Up On Trendsetting Tough Gym Apparel With Iron Tanks’ Signature Collection of Tanks & Shirts

Most collectors begin by buying one item they like, a book for instance among bookworms. If they found the story written well and gripping, they would buy another from the same author. And before they know it, they already have collected all the works of one author of numerous books that represent a type of books.

Same thing occurs when choosing personal and high quality gym apparel. Once we feel comfortable in a shirt from one brand, we want to try out all the items from this brand. We want to have the same familiar comfort and expect the same quality on the other shirts.

That’s why both men and women have made Iron Tanks assortment of sporty gym tanks their favourite. Our gym apparel has superior quality that provides comfort, maneuverability, durability and perfectly cut to flatter the wearer’s physique.      

Stride into your next gym session with confidence and pride, wearing nothing but the best fitness gear in the industry!

Men’s Signature Gym Tanks

Upgrade from old gym attire that’s sweat-stained and full of holes to finely-crafted, well-designed pieces you’ll find yourself wearing in and out of the gym.  

You’ll be happy to display your hard earned body in these premium garments!

  1. N1 Classic T-Back Gym Singlet in Grey Marle

Don’t let this tank’s seemingly basic design fool you. Made with 100% high-quality performance-enhancing cotton, this tank is sure to please in both comfort and functionality.

N1 Classic T-Back Gym Singlet in Grey Marle

This classic gym singlet has a flattering cut that emphasizes your new carved frame in all the right areas. It’s contoured to fit while still allowing your body to breathe, helping you stay cool and collected as you sweat your heart out on the gym floor.

Lightweight fabric and narrow shoulder straps are an ideal choice for strength training and resistance exercises.

A signature classic worn by legendary bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, you’ll be happy to be sporting such a comfortable, stylish tank when your muscles are busting from their seams.

  1. Iron Muscle Tank in Black

Fall back to another gym staple piece with the iconic muscle tank.

Boasting the athletic design of the original, this shirt offers a bit more coverage along the chest and shoulders than the t-back singlet style.

Iron Muscle Tank in Black

However, this does nothing to take away from its good look or functionality. You can still move and maneuver your arms during weight training. Plus it’s made of free-flowing cotton fabric that lets your body breathe even when under the strain of a high intensity workout.

The draping is contoured to fit your body, enhancing your figure and amplifying the awesome results of all your hard work in the gym.

So hit the iron in the signature muscle tank, displaying your love for ‘Iron’ with the brand name printed across your chest.

  1. Iron Mesh Pro Bodybuilding Jersey in Red

Guys love a good sports jersey and the look of this red stunner will surely urge you to have a closet full of them!

Iron Mesh Pro Bodybuilding Jersey in Red

Made in the ever-popular basketball-theme, this epic jersey is constructed with soft mesh fabric ready to keep your temperature regulated out on the gym floor.

Polyester fabric side panels, the popping bright red hue and the words “Iron 26” (26 referring to the number of Iron in the periodic table) all give this singlet tank a hip, modern vibe. You’ll surely be confident when wearing this while flaunting your thick arms and upper torso.

Perfect for any gym or exercise regimen, be it bodybuilding, strength training, or a variety of sports, this awesome jersey is ready to go places and bring you along for the ride!

  1. Jungle Camo T-Back Bodybuilding Tank

Despite its camo appearance, this fun and energetic tank will do anything but make you blend into the crowd.

A combination of the classic gym singlet style and a wild green, brown and white camo pattern sets this gym tank apart from every basic shirt in your collection.

The ideal cut that shows your physique and the comfortable cotton fabric make it a favourite every time you hit the gym.

Jungle Camo T-Back Bodybuilding Tank

Feel proud as you carry the NU-Era Iron Tanks logo across your chest on this lightweight, breathable tank. Pair this with a variety of gym bottoms for an array of different outfits to bring your gym apparel to a whole new level.

Women’s Signature Gym Tanks

It’s time to update your appearance with finely-crafted fitness gear, prepared to hug every curve and keep you feeling confident and sexy while you dominate the gym scene!


  1. Women’s Muscle Tank

For the women who train just as hard as any man to build a toned figure with curves in the right places — this tank is for you!

The luxe cotton is lightweight yet durable, able to withstand the intense motions of any extreme workout but also breathable and free-flowing for easy maneuvering and comfort.

Women’s Muscle Tank


The Iron logo and “est. 2010” print image gives this muscle tank a more modern approach to the original design, but still holds an authentic feel that gives it credibility in the gym environment.

Rock this look in a variety of four colors, and boost your fitness attire for a great new collection.

  1. Climaxx-Air Women’s Tank in Glacial Blue

Innovative technology has never looked more fashionable!

The Climaxx brand has been praised for its high-tech fabrics that bring an entirely new experience to gym apparel.

Climaxx-Air Women’s Tank in Glacial Blue


This shirt boasts some of these features, including moisture-wicking technology to eliminate sweat before it sets and a poly-spandex 4-way knit fabric for maximum range of motion during your exercise regimen.

For added benefit comes the figure-flattering shape and glacial blue color that brings more style to any combination of Iron Tank wardrobe pieces. The diamond emblem of the company sparkles against this backdrop as well.

Elevate your gym apparel game with one (or more!) of these amazing, new-age tanks, essential for boosting performance while maintaining much-needed comfort.

  1. Don’t Quit Tank Top

This tank gives you a shot at the elbow when you need it most.

This fun and motivating tank holds nothing back with its bold statement emblazoned across the torso saying “Don’t Quit, Do It.” Powerful words to hold onto while going full-force during a high-volume training or cardio session.

Don’t Quit Tank Top

Represent your tough, resilient spirit by wearing this tank, a cotton-spandex mix of fabrics that’s sure to keep you comfortable and allow your skin to breathe.

This tank is as strong as you are, ready to handle whatever grueling workouts you put it through. Plus, the grey, teal and white color pattern make for a stylish mix.

  1. Iron Lady Tank Top in Grey

Exude class and sophistication with this simple yet lovely grey singlet tank.

Any confident, strong woman needs a gym tank that gives of an air of quiet superiority. While she’s going hard at the gym - lifting weights or undergoing extreme high intensity circuits -  she doesn’t need to brag about her power.

Iron Lady Tank Top in Grey

The tank’s ribbed fitting and Iron Lady logo across the chest showcases the hard work you’ve putting in your body, in a ladylike, modest manner.

Embrace your inner gym goddess with this simple yet perfect fitness wear essential, and pick up all of these tanks for women to modernize your gym wardrobe with premium, high-quality pieces.

Build Your Perfect Collection of Signature Iron Tanks Today!

When it comes to your wardrobe, old things off the rack does little to boost your confidence and add to your motivation.   

For those spending countless hours working hard -- armed with sheer determination and willpower to powerfully enhance their body, it’s necessary to have a proper gym wardrobe.

Apart from keeping you cool and comfortable while you workout, it should also show off your developing physique in a subtle but bold way. Seeing this in the mirror will surely give you additional boost in motivation and confidence to go on with your rigorous routine week after week, month after month, year after year.

At Iron Tanks, we understand what it means to be proud of reaching your body goals. Therefore, our collection of tanks and other gym apparel is designed with our customers in mind.

Check out our products and shop Iron Tanks merchandise today!

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