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Step Up Your Workout Game With the New Collection of Iron Tanks Gym Apparel

In need of a new set of reliable comfortable and stylish gym apparel?

Many of those who don’t consistently go to the gym i.e people who only go long enough to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions or to meet their new diet rules, simply throw on whatever sweats or beat up t-shirts when they workout.

However, the right fit and suitable fabrics can make a world of difference in enhancing performance, while helping gym buffs stay cool and comfortable in the process.

That’s why it’s important to always have a good set of exercise gear. With it, you can do your routine comfortably and regularly. So when your current wardrobe wears out, it’s time to bring in the big guns — Iron Tanks Gym Gear and Apparel.

Iron Tanks Gym Gear provides exercise enthusiasts high-quality and stylish exercise attire. These will give maximum support as you go through your routine and help them achieve your fitness goals.

With this in mind, check out our selection of the hottest and latest men’s and women’s fitness gear to send your next sweat session into high velocity!

New Looks for Men

Stop wearing the same rags to the gym.

Enhance your looks with a fresh set of tanks, shorts and more that are suitable to your exercise regimen. We guarantee these will make you look and feel good.


  1. Iron Tech Tee in Charcoal

Start with one of our customers’ favourites!

This tee is far more than your average grey t-shirt. It’s a true representation of both innovation and sophistication put in gym wear, with nu-poly woven fibre fabric that is optimised for a powerful performance.

You don’t have to choose between comfort and function. This awesome piece is designed to be relaxed while keeping its shape during even the most rigorous of regimens.

It also gives plenty of ventilation that lets your skin breathe and your body to remain cool even if you have a longer session. Feel confident in your clothing without needing to be flashy with this great looking and fully functional wardrobe item.


  1. Vanity V2 Gym Shorts with a yellow stripe


Beat the summer heat with a pair of these great gym shorts.

Vanity V2 Gym Shorts with a yellow stripe

Leg day has never been more rewarding than when wearing these polyester micro-stretch shorts, perfect for running or heavy squat sessions. Even suitable for the beach! Its lightweight fabric is unbelievably comfortable.

Bodybuilders, powerlifters or general gym junkies can rock these shorts with cool yellow, blue or red stripes on the side panel.

  1. Hulk Long Sleeve Gym Top V2 in Balboa Grey

Keep away the late night chill with this ideal garment!

Hulk Long Sleeve Gym Top V2 in Balboa Grey

Ready to be used as a layering item, this piece can keep you warm while still showing a your hard earned sculpted body.

With a 2x2 ribbed poly-cotton fabric, this shirt is simple yet still looks rugged.  The scoop neck even shows off a part of collarbone and upper pecs for an extra dose of aesthetic appeal.

The black print on the sleeve makes for a fun logo design, capping off an all-around awesome top suited for the fitness buff who wants to hit the gym in style.

  1. N1 Classic Gym Shorts in Pitch Black

Pair your new Iron Tank shirts with these complementary shorts.

N1 Classic Gym Shorts in Pitch Black

Feel the power of the bodybuilding greats who wore such classic designs, like Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Number One is certainly a name that fits these 100% cotton trunks, comfortable and lightweight enough to suit any exercise routine.

The mid-thigh cut is perfect for flexibility and shows off your toned muscles, fruits of your hard work in the gym.

It also has two side pockets where you can tuck away your valuables. The rear zip pocket can even store your wallet while you’re at the beach or in other public arenas.

Its unique design and the comfort it gives make N1 Classic shorts a favourite among exercise enthusiasts,

Give up your old gym gear and feel motivated as you workout in style with Iron Tanks apparel.


New Looks for Women

You should dispose gym clothes that have holes, sweat stains or stretched out seams. Instead, wear gym clothes that emphasise your hard earned physique. 

Our figure flattering, curve enhancing gym apparel will leave you feeling attractive day and night, regardless if you’re simply doing a cool down yoga session or going tough and sweaty while doing an extreme HIIT workout.


  1. Coral Sports Bra

Start from the top with this alluring and colorful sports bra!

Coral Sports Bra


A stunning item from the Climaxx collection, this ultra-durable bra is made of high quality fabric, able to secure your bust during high endurance movement.

The X-strap design across the back adds support and flexibility. It also comes padded interior cup inserts are also included but can be removed depending on preference.

With it’s lovely, fade-resistant coral color, this sports bra holds true to the superior combination of both style and function. With the Iron Tanks logo across the lower band of the undergarment, you’ll feel more pumped up and ready to go more than ever before.

Rock this stunner of an exercise essential, letting its great design and performance-enhancing features give you the energy and confidence in the weight room.


  1. Climaxx-Air Women’s Tank in Black Ice

Top off that sports bra with another Climaxx brand signature piece!

Climaxx-Air Women’s Tank in Black Ice

Designed with poly-spandex 4-knit fabric to be form-fitting, this awesome tank is comfortable, seductive and allows your skin to breathe. 

Train your hardest and still feel your best with this shirt’s moisture-wicking technology that keeps you cool and dry. The high-tech material also allows you maximum maneuverability,  while looking hip with its design.

Meanwhile, the diamond emblem shining across the black ice coloring adds charm. So for a figure-hugging tank shirt that exudes fun and can withstand even the most intensive workouts, try this optimal piece — you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Women’s Orion Gym Pants

Suit up for cooler weather with these wonderfully-comfortable sweatpants that will quickly become an everyday favourite (whether you’re going to the gym or just chilling).

Women’s Orion Gym Pants

With their cotton-terry blend material and cuffed ankles, these amazing track pants keep you warm while also giving you superb flexibility.

Plus, the screen-printed Iron Tanks logo and ankle cuffs look good (without being flashy and ridiculous). Added pockets on the sides and an inner velcro pocket gives plenty of storage as well, keeping your valuables in place even during high-intensity routines.

Simply pair these cozy, cuffed sweats with a fresh new pair of Iron Tanks gym shoes for a simple, thrown-together look that exudes confidence, comfort and style.

Choose from gunmetal grey or pitch black, or simply purchase both to have even more awesome pieces in your growing collection!

Whether you’re going hard in the gym or just lounging around the house, these comfy gym pants are worth every penny.


  1. Iron Lady Vanity Shorts in Gunmetal Grey

No reason to ditch comfort for function! Show those lean, toned legs with a pair of stretchy, free-flowing shorts that allow for an abundance of mobility to suit any extreme sport or routine.

Iron Lady Vanity Shorts in Gunmetal Grey

The Iron Lady logo on the front reminds you lifting those weights isn't just a mans game. After all, it takes patience and hardwork in order to achieve the ultimate strong and sexy bod - regardless of gender!

The high-tech fabric is built to last, so do your worst and test its durability — you’ll be pleasantly surprised! The fun, gunmetal colorway is fashion-forward and can be easily paired, making it an essential piece of your exercise apparel.

Ladies, it’s time to step up your gym apparel game. Make a fashion statement, be comfortable and show off those sexy curves with Iron Tanks Gym Gear and Apparel.


Indulge in Suitable Gym Attire

Look and feeling good while working out

If your wardrobe is looking rather dated and drab (or if it’s just falling apart altogether), it’s time to reward yourself for your hard work with a little retail therapy!

Check out Iron Tanks for gym apparel you’ll be happy to wear, not just at the gym but also in your daily activities.

It’s comfortable, stylish and designed to flatter, making every piece a great addition to your wardrobe.

You spend hours working out, training to strengthen your muscle and keep your body fit. This accomplishment should be accentuated by clothes that flatter your figure, giving you more confidence and serves as extra motivation to hit the gym more often.

July 06, 2017 by Afterpay Integrations
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