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High-quality activewear: why this trend is more than a fashion statement

When it comes to gym workout gear, there are so many options on the market that finding the right set can become one giant race down a rabbit hole. An increasingly popular option in recent years has been activewear fitness clothing that is designed for performance, and are ultimately worn by casual gym goers all the way up to professional athletes.

Because of their versatility, activewear pieces are rising to popularity for a number of reasons. From being a simple fashion statement (you will see these get-ups at the local school drop off or shopping trips), through to complete workout wardrobes – there’s plenty of reason to jump on the bandwagon of purposely designed training wear.

Activewear garments are more than just aesthetic appearances, and when choosing the right high-quality gear for your goals, you’ll sooner hit those PBs that you’ve had your eyes set on.

So, what exactly can activewear do to improve your performance?

Activewear protects your skin and keeps you comfortable

Wearing ‘normal’ clothes or low-quality activewear can lead to a range of discomforts. This is due to a number of reasons. First, lower quality garments can trap in detergents used to wash them, which can irritate the skin.

Bodybuilding Gym Wear

Secondly, these garments can confine sweat, leading to rashes, itchiness and general discomfort. Proper activewear has wicking technology that allows the sweat to roll straight off - and will not trap chemicals, allowing for a more comfortable workout.

They are a motivator

Because activewear is so popular, more people are wearing these garments for reasons outside of working out or training. Victoria University even conducted a study on this, which revealed that women who wear activewear “are more encouraged to do beneficial physical activity” even if they did not intend to when they put the garments on.

The study also showed that women are sporting activewear three times a week for gym or sporting activities, despite admitting they do not like exercise at all.

Ultimately, experts put this down the whole ‘feeling the part if you look the part’ – you’re more likely to hit the treadmill or squat rack if you’re feeling like you should be (and feel confident in doing so).

Activewear actually improves your performance

High-quality activewear gives you a greater range of movement and can help increase recovery through compression technology, for example.

Image Group International is a company centred around improving branding and their CEO Jon Michail said that activewear also provides a mental edge.

Jon recommends higher quality activewear to deliver the ultimate in physical and mental improvements to your workout. He says that by spending 10 per cent more on your gym attire, you’re far more likely to enjoy the benefits of the latest fabric technology – or at the very least – feel happy with how you look when you glance at yourself in the mirror.

If you’re not sure where to start, Iron Tanks includes a wide range of activewear options  – from beginner gear, all the way up to athletic-level designs.

Get in touch with the Iron Tanks team to find out more about the types of gym gear that suits your goals and objectives best.

February 28, 2019 by Iron Tanks
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