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Stock Update

Hello friends,

Just a quick update as we've had a number of emails asking about products which are out of stock and when they will be restocked.

On the apparel front, we have all of our new gear arriving in the middle of May. Two new camo singlets, and a new tri-tone series of stringer bodybuilding singlets! We've also got a new y-back comedy singlet arriving which is guaranteed smirks.

The long awaited knee sleeves, elbow sleeves and 13mm weighlifting/powerlifting belts were due a few weeks back, but we've been delayed due to a new design in the retail packaging which is looking mighty good. We're hoping by mid-may all of this will be within our hot little hands. Our new camo weightlifting vest is also looking very attractive, the 20kg variety will also be available mid-may!

Until then, apologies for keeping you waiting - we very much dislike leaving our clientele hanging - but we assure you the wait is always worth it - no cutting corners here!


The Iron Tanks Team

April 08, 2013 by Sam Monea
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