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Quick update for our fans!

 Hey guys & gals - we're super busy here, but just an update on what's in store over the next few months!

- A whole heap of new gym & fitness accessories, including heavy duty elbow and knee sleeves, 13mm pro lever belts, a whole range of ladies gear (gloves, wraps, grips, belts!) new camo weighted vests in 10kg, new weight vests in 20kg, 24" heavy duty wraps - and the long awaited and anticipated Iron Tanks gym bag so you can carry all your gear!

- On the apparel front, by the end of Jan we'll have all our comedy singlets back in stock, including the sought after "Large & In Charge". We've also got 2 new shorts in the design phase and 2 new singlets. In time for April will be our winter stock, which will include our Iron Mesh variety of track pants, a heavy duty 325gsm fleece hoodie & just because - our new styled camo t-back, with an even thinner back than ever before. We're certain you'll love it.

 We've also had a lot of requests for more colours in our rag tops - and we hear you - we'll be including 2-3 new colours for you guys!

Hopefully you've been well rested & you're making 2013 as big a year as we are!

Stay tuned for more!


Iron Tanks Gym & Fitness

January 09, 2013 by Sam Monea
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