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October Update

Hey guys & gals - just a quick update for October.

The year so far has gone so fast - but we've been working real hard behind the scenes. Our new gear has arrived, and we've been very happy with the feedback received. The weightlifting belts, wrist wraps, knee wraps and weighted vests have been stellar. Thanks so much for your support.

Aside from introducing new heavier duty gear (check out the thickness of the chain on our new dipping belts!) we'll be regularly updating our news blog with articles pertinent to products we sell (how they work, what they do) along with general gym & fitness advice etc.

We'll be updating our Facebook page and sending out emails shortly, but we have new models of retro gym shorts which are fantastic. As well as our updated "iron mesh" training shorts. Our singlets - the Marauder tank top will be revamped to a Marauder 2.0 - new thinner back, as requested - making it an even more extremely physique revealing cut. The N1 classic t-back singlet has also received minor work, with a new 'iron inc' embroidered patch at the back, but a plain blank front for those who like the clean look.

Last but not least, and you'll be excited to hear this - our sleeveless muscle hoodie is back & better - thicker zip, made from mid-weight french terry cotton. Additionally, the bodybuilding posing trunks are finally back in stock - new colours too!

Probably fired too early on the "last but not least" as we have an important bit of information - a NEW product! Introducing the BFG Rag Top - a bodybuilding special. Made out of rugged super heavy 290gsm cotton french terry!

All this coming soon, we'll keep you posted! If you haven't already, subscribe to our newsletter and like our Facebook page. We've got coupons and specials coming your way shortly!


The Iron Tanks Team

October 09, 2012 by Sam Monea
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